The successful “BudvarBaby” project continues


The Budvar Babes project began in November 2008. Its second year is providing the ice-hockey fans with many new events not only directly at the ice-hockey major league stadiums, but also in a form of further interactive activities on the website. The Budvar Babes will appear during 8 selected quarterfinal matches, gradually visiting the home matches of all playing teams. The best performances will please the spectators of all play-off final matches. Today at 5.40 p.m. the Budvar Babes will perform their show at the match in Pardubice.

Other Budvar Babes’ performances:
17.3. HC Vítkovice Steel
18.3. PSG Zlín
19.3. HC Pilsen 1929
20.3. HC Steelmakers Třinec
21.3. HC Sparta Prague
22.3. HC Slavia Prague
23.3. HC White Tigers Liberec

The project aims to support the connection between the Budweiser Budvar trademark and Czech ice-hockey in an attractive way. “Czech ice-hockey plays a significant role in our marketing communication. Being connected with ice-hockey - our historically most successful and profusely watched sport, provides us with a chance to strengthen Budweiser Budvar trademark’s image as well as build a positive relationship between ice-hockey fans and the trademark. We consider the association of a top sport with first-class beer completely natural,” explains Budweiser Budvar’s ice-hockey projects manager Alena Mazancová.

“With regard to the successful first year of the Budvar Babes project we decided to carry on this year as well, moreover preparing a lot of new introductions, such as creating a so-called Budvar zone directly at the stadiums and a new choreography of the dance performance along with a substantial extension of the interactive activities and competitions at the website,” adds Alena Mazancová. A special Budweiser Budvar stand is the centre-part of the Budvar zone, with two hostesses in the brewery’s corporation colours available for the fans. Two Budvar Babes - patrons of the currently playing teams, with appropriate face painting and other accessories in the club colours always move about the Budvar zone. Fans can participate there in contests with ice-hockey prizes as well as have their photograph taken with the Budvar Babes and get information on beer or the project itself.

Naturally, the Budvar Babes will perform on the ice, with many new choreography elements prepared, including the battle show. Together with the hostesses, the Budvar Babes will create an unusual live advertising eye-catcher in the auditorium. “We are trying to motivate spectators in the auditorium to actively cheer. The Budvar Babes and hostesses will both go directly among the spectators to the auditorium, dressed in same overalls with the Budweiser Budvar logo, therefore being really unmistakable,” adds Alena Mazancová. The live eye-catcher can be seen only within the major league’s final matches.

Throughout the play-off, various additional activities are also prepared for ice-hockey fans on the website. Effective from 22nd March, the fans can successively join video chats with each of the fourteen Budvar Babes. The exact day and hour will be announced on the website.  Making result predictions of the ice-hockey major league matches represents yet another new introduction, with the chance of winning attractive ice-hockey prizes. Besides that, further competitions can be visited on the website, e.g. an auction with hockey souvenirs signed by the players, an ice-hockey quiz and weekly-prize competitions, where the most active contestant with the highest amount of points gained in that particular week is rewarded. The winner of the competition with the main prize being two tickets for the World Ice-Hockey Championship (Czech Republic- Sweden match) is already known. More details can be found at

Budweiser Budvar, the official partner of Czech ice-hockey
Budweiser Budvar has been the partner of the ice-hockey major league and the Czech National Ice-Hockey Team for seven years. The Budweiser Budvar trademark therefore bears the “Ice-Hockey Major League’s Official Beer” and “Czech Ice-Hockey’s Official Beer” statuses. Ice-hockey is a sport of key importance to the brewery, playing a significant role in the Budweiser Budvar trademark’s marketing communication. Both Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager and the Czech National Ice-Hockey Team belong amongst our country’s best representatives abroad and their association is therefore entirely natural. Besides drawing beer directly at ice-hockey stadiums and retailing special ice-hockey multi-packs, the Budweiser Budvar trademark is arranging many further activities in ice-hockey rinks as well as on the Internet.      

About the “BudvarBaby” project
The “BudvarBaby” (Budvar Babes in English) project began in November 2008. With regard to its successful first year, Budweiser Budvar decided to carry on with the project. The Budvar Babes show will take place during 8 selected quarterfinal matches and all the finals. The project aims to create a positive attitude towards the Budweiser Budvar trademark as well as support the connection between the trademark and Czech ice-hockey. The Budvar Babes project involves events in the ice-hockey major league’s stadiums, with its important part also being the special website

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