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We are spreading fame and joy of high-quality Czech beer all over the world.


HISTORy of Budweis beer

How we brew a beer

We brew MANY KINDS OF BEER and they share one thing.

first-class quality.

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Our beer is always made in České Budějovice. This ensures that you always get the original on your table.


We have Artesian wells in our brewery that are 300m deep. The crystal clear water – heritage of a lake from the Ice Age – gives the beer its unique taste.


First-class hops, Moravian malt and unique water – each batch of our beer is made using these Czech inputs.


Our beer matures in lager tanks where each batch always stays as long as it needs to develop its full-bodied taste. We don't rush it.


We are making profit and grow constantly, even abroad

10 702 000

Being a state-owned brewery, every citizen has a share

1 730 000 hl

This much beer was shipped from our brewery in 2020

Financial Fin. results


Budvar has won hundreds of awards worldwide

our awards

70 countries

We export our beer to more than 70 countries



We share our beer taps

We share our beer taps.

We share our yeast

We provide our brewing yeast to other microbreweries as well.

We develop brewing

We organise expert lectures  and conferences, or contribute to them.

We are widening horizons

We include selected microbreweries in our events, so everybody can see that beer is not just a lager.


Our brewers help microbreweries with recipes. They can test beer samples in our lab.

We support production

We support Czech producers and suppliers of hops, malt and other beer ingredients.

Pavel Palouš

brewer of the Cobolis brewery

"When I was starting with beer, I heard a lot about who is doing what well and who is cheating. When I gained more knowledge, I understood that it is a lot about marketing. Larger businesses have realised that storage costs money, space and technology. My first visit to Budvar changed everything, because I saw that they really practice what they preach. I have always been fascinated by production using hop, so I saw the hop containers as well as amazing beer in excellent condition and stored in the cellar for  as long as one year. This type of storing cannot be replaced by anything else, so let's hope that Budvar will stay what is it - a unique Czech lager and the pride of the Czech brewing industry."

Pavel Borowiec

founder and CEO of the Pivo Bier Ale FORUM

"I am also very happy that thanks to the support of Budweiser Budvar we managed to add the city of Budweis and Prague to world beer capitals this year. At the Pivo Bier Ale FORUM 2019 held in these cities our brewers could see a lot, learn a lot, and hear opinions and practical advice from such world experts as Tim Webb, Rick Kempen, Jeff Evens and Lorenzo Dabove."

Brett Ellis

Co-Founder and Head Brewer at Wild Beer Co, England

"We knocked on a number of doors of our friends: brewers we respect and breweries we like. We asked them to be involved in this cask-only collaboration project so we can create something new that neither one of us would have been able to create by ourselves. The result is an amalgamation of creativity from; Aleš Dvořák – Budvar’s own beer sommelier, and our very own Wild-brewers."

Josef Paulík

owner of the Antoš brewery

"The Budvar people always have a smile on their face and they are fully devoted to Czech beer. Budvar doesn't forget about small craft breweries. This is how I feel it. Something unforeseeable and incredible in this world. Thank you for offering your customers our beers as well, and for being the partner of the local beer festival Slánský tuplák."