The sales of the SOMERSBY brand’s cider doubled last year


Cider – a refreshing beverage made from partially fermented apple-must is very popular in Western Europe these days. In the last three years its popularity has been growing in our country as well. SOMERSBY cider is a premium brand of the Danish concern Carlsberg Breweries, which has been imported to the Czech Republic by Budweiser, N.C. since 2012.  

Last year’s interest of Czech customers proved a high business potential of this alcohol beverage, which makes an appealing alternative to malt alcoholic beverages, mixed beer drinks as well as wine spritzer. “Last year the sales volume doubled. We see this as a great success since we only put a fraction of funds into the brand promotion in comparison with our competition,” says Budweiser Budvar’s SOMERSBY brand manager Zdeněk Filip. The sales success is a result of adding a new blackberry flavour to the existing product range and introducing sales in barrels along with a significant increase of sales outlets.

“We expect further dynamic growth in SOMERSBY sales for this year. We are going to support the brand with a range of activities, especially in musical clubs and during summer festivals. For outdoor events, we have prepared a large tent with a capacity of 300 people. We would like to increase the number of places with draft cider as well,” adds Zdeněk Filip. A “SOMERSBY party” presented by top Czech and international DJ’s is going to take place in clubs around the whole country this year. SOMERSBY is going to be a partner of May’s “Magnetic festival” - one of the largest gatherings of fans of electronic music in the Czech Republic. SOMERSBY is again going to be the general partner of the "Graduate of the Year" competition. “This national beauty contest has been gaining ever-growing popularity, and that is one reason for moving its final from České Budějovice to Prague,” concludes Zdeněk Filip. SOMERSBY on tap is going to appear at the drum & bass festival “Let It Roll Open Air 2015” as well as during many other events this year.

SOMERSBY ciders are slightly sparkling and very refreshing alcoholic beverages always served over ice. Three flavour alternatives are presently available on the Czech market: SOMERSBY Apple Cider, SOMERSBY Pear Cider and SOMERSBY Blackberry Cider. SOMERSBY Apple Cider is to be had on tap in selected gastronomic facilities, whereas other clubs, bars and restaurants as well as retails offer SOMERSBY Cider in 0.33 litre bottles or cans. Owing to its smooth flavour, SOMERSBY Cider can make a good base for refreshing mixed beverages. Further information on SOMERSBY can be viewed here.

General information about cider
The popularity of cider in Europe keeps growing. Since 2000, its sales have been continuously increasing by an average of 3% per annum, with more than 15 million hectolitres consumed. According to the market research, this trend is likely to continue in the coming years as well.

A fermented apple beverage was known as far back as the ancient times; it was called “sikera“ in Greek, “sicera“ in Latin and “šekar“ in Hebrew. The first medieval messages on cider production in Europe date back to the times of Charles the Great. The first research publication on cider production De vino et pomaceo was elaborated by Charles IX.’s personal doctor in 1588. Cider has been very popular in Western Europe these days. English-speaking countries call it “cider“, French call it „cidre“, Spanish and Portuguese „sidra“.

Good-quality cider is made from a special strain of apples. Usually it is mixed from several apple strains in order to achieve the appropriate proportion of sweetness, bitterness and acidity of the initial cider. The extracted apple-must ferments in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature of fermentation that allows the preservation of aromatic substances in the beverage. Then it is racked into bottles, where the final fermentation can take place making the cider slightly sparkling. In accordance with the alcohol volume, cider is classified as sweet (under 3 % of alcohol), medium-dry (3 - 5%) and dry (above 5%).

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