The Pardál Team called fichtl has been putting its Jawa Pionyr in tune for a competition in Adamov


The competition series of small historical motorcycles called the Fichtl Cup Series has gone through several seasons. This year's schedule includes seven races on four well-tried circuits: Vlkovice, Adamov, Lišov - Čánkov and Slověnice. The racing machines are divided into the categories of “Stodolák, Classic, Special and Super Sport”. Each rider completes 2 x 20 minutes during the race, with the total of circuits ridden being counted.

This year, the Pardál team has joined the teams at the starting line in the category of “Stodolák”. Despite a decent technical background, the quality of Jawa 21 Sport and great ambition of the team leader - Šneg, the result of the first race in Vlkovice cannot be considered a downright success. The video from Vlkovice can be seen here. Regrettably, not even the tail attached to the rear of the competition “fichtl” fully in accordance with the rules helped the motorcycle to achieve a better than 22nd place. While this meant zero points in total for Šneg, it failed to spoil the good mood of the rider and the sponsors. Optimism reigns for the time being.

„Clearly, it was the technology that failed, not the human factor. We accomplished the main goal - to have fun, and hopefully to make the Pardál brand fans watching the Fichtl Cup on site or on the Internet enjoy it. We are fine-tuning our racing machine for the upcoming race in Adamov very responsibly, especially paying attention to wrapping the tail around the rear mudguard. We hope for a much better results,“ commented upon the performance in Vlkovice Zdeněk Filip, the representative of the chief sponsor - the Pardál brand.

The second race of the Fichtl Cup Series starts on the off-road circuit around Hůrský pond in Adamov on Saturday, May 14th at 12:00. The entry is free.

Fichtl cup

Šneg – the official C. V.
Born at the close of the 20th century, he is the holder of the AM category driver’s licence as well as several other categories. Being a very ambitious rider who has been riding his first season, he can thus only surprise us. The confidence of the team management in his abilities is best illustrated by the fact that he has an exclusive contract and the team has vowed never to hire another rider. He is very humble, not longing for popularity. Therefore, he never reveals his face during the races and refuses to communicate with the media. His true identity is only known to a few people from the organizing team and the sponsors.

Pardál Team – machinery equipment and people
race machine: Jawa 21 Sport – “Stodolák” category
team No. 1: Šneg
team No. 2: the team does not have a No. 2 or No. 3 or even a substitute - Šneg is the only rider
other team members: 2 assistants and a mechanic
chief sponsor: Pardál

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