The Budweiser Budvar brand’s new campaign features two personalities from the NO Gallery


The product part focuses on the product’s quality. “This part of the campaign presents four main product NOs, which have accompanied the Budweiser Budvar brand for the whole of its existence, being the base of its extraordinary flavour and the quality of beer from our produce,” says Jana Kubištová, MBA, Budweiser Budvar’s marketing manager. These NOs include a NO to replacing the original ingredients, a NO to reducing the 90-day maturing period, a NO to moving the production away from České Budějovice and a NO to selling own name. The allegorical knights - the brand defenders, who appeared in the brand communication in the past two years, have newly been replaced by a shield, which symbolically fends off attacks of those elements that are currently often spoiling the reputation of traditional brewing and genuinely made beer, having thus a negative impact on its quality. This part of the campaign will be run through outdoor advertising areas and promotional materials in restaurants and shops.

The image part concentrates on the brand values. This second part of the campaign will be carried out through TV commercials along with printed visuals of the campaign’s main personalities. These people were selected from the gallery of often unknown heroes of the present times - the NO Gallery ( Following last year’s pair of Tříska-Pollert, the Budweiser Budvar brand has chosen another two personalities. Stanislav Tišer, a Romany boxer who tries to get young drug addicts from the street and introduce them to sport. Petr Němec is a man whose battle against bank fees has become a discussed media topic. These two heroes of the campaign are men who are not scared to say NO. “We intentionally selected personalities who are not so well-known, in order that the renown of their names would not overpower the actual campaign’s idea, which lies in the fact that saying no to something characterises us more than agreeing with something. The NOs of our heroes are human, universal and clear,” explains Jana Kubištová. “Our brand and the NOs of our heroes do not represent easy victories. What is crucial is the fact that we dare to say out NOs at all, trying to prevent what we consider bad, irrespective of the rival’s strength,” concludes Jana Kubištová.

Stanislav Tišer
A former Czechoslovak professional boxer said NO to children of Prague Žižkov wandering in the streets and taking drugs. Therefore he used his own funds building a gym, where kids can come to do some boxing practice after school free of charge, so that they have other interests. More information on S. Tišer saying his NO can be found HERE.

Petr Němec
A Czech lawyer confronted a bank that illegally charged him for credit account maintenance. His act inspired hundreds of thousands of Czechs who together forced banks to stop charging these fees. More information on P. Němec saying his NO can be found HERE.

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