The BUDVARKA brand restaurant has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for a high quality design

Budweiser Budvar
Original pivnice Budvarka získala ocenění Red Dot za design.

The concept of BUDVARKA brand restaurants has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for a high quality design authored by the Czech IO Studio managed by the architect and designer Luka Križek. The first BUDVARKA brand restaurant was opened in March, and now there are three in operation, with four other restaurants of this network being prepared. Within the next two years BUDVARKA brand restaurant should be in operation in all regional towns and other suitable locations

On Friday 27th October, the panel of the prestigious Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017 competition announced the winners of this year's edition. The experts assessed over 8,000 projects from 50 countries in 18 major categories this year. Budweiser Budvar received the Red Dot Award for the project of its branded restaurants “BUDVARKA Original Beer Restaurant”, designed by a team of the Czech IO Studio managed by the architect and designer Luka Križek. Radek Bláha and the graphic designer Jan Padyšák were the other members of the creative team.

Diplom Red Dot převzali v pátek 27. října v Berlíně (zleva) Ing. Radek Bláha (IO Studio), Ondřej Štěpánek (Budějovický Budvar) a Ing. Arch. Luka Križek (IO Studio)

“Red Dot is probably the most prestigious competition in the world, thus I really appreciate this award. It is great that BUDVARKA captured the panel consisting of internationally recognized personalities of contemporary design,” says Budweiser Budvar’s business manager Robert Chrt.

“We aimed to create a modern restaurant for discerning guests while retaining the elements of a traditional pub in which people can enjoy the premium Budweiser Budvar brand. BUDVARKA is a space with a human dimension, where one feels pleasant and relaxed. That's why optimism with elements of humour, which is so close to our nation, is an important part of the design concept,” explains Luka Križek of the IO Studio. The flexible interior can be applied to different types of space ranging from historical to modern. From a practical point of view, the simplicity of assembling the designed furniture is very important.

“The satisfaction of our guests and keepers of the three already operating BUDVARKAs proves that our objective has been successful. In addition, the Red Dot Award confirms that the BUDVARKA design now ranks amongst the international leading designs,” adds Luka Križek.

The network of BUDVARKA brand restaurants is going to significantly expand. “We have already begun implementing four more BUDVARKAs. Within two years, we would like these brand-name restaurants to operate in all regional towns and other suitable locations,” concludes Robert Chrt.

About the Red Dot competition

In order to professionally asses the variegation in the area of design, the Red Dot Design Award is divided into three disciplines: Red Dot Award: Product Design; Red Dot Award: Communication design; and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. The Red Dot Award is one of the world's largest design contests and is organized by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. The expert panel judged the world's best designs for the first time ever in 1955. The title and brand mark of the Red Dot Award was created by Professor Dr. Peter Zec in the 1990s. Since then, the Red Dot symbol has become a highly recognised international seal of outstanding design quality. For more information, visit

Acknowledgments to all who participated in the BUDVARKA concept

The BUDVARKA project was launched in 2015. Its successful completion would not have been possible without the hard work and enthusiasm of many people who deserve special thanks, among them lots of current and former colleagues from Budweiser Budvar, the IO studio, the “Interiors” interior supplier, construction companies Demostav and Japsten and, of course, the keepers of all the three BUDVARKAs, which are already offering their services these days.

Diplom ocenění Red Dot 2017

About the BUDVARKA concept
BUDVARKA constitutes a modern chain of restaurants with a strong visual presence of the Budweiser Budvar brand. It is a place where people should feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, optimism with elements of humour is also an important component of the design concept. The flexible interior can be applied to different types of space ranging from historical to modern. From a practical point of view, the simplicity of assembling the designed furniture is very important.
The BUDVARKA furnishing equipment is designed from many original elements that are greatly complemented by wooden chairs of the traditional Czech brand of TON. Emphasis was placed on using high quality natural materials in the interior. The visitors can be particularly intrigued in the following components:
- conical half-columns resembling a glass with overflowing beer froth,
- a taproom inspired by a typical black Budvar barrel,
- wall panels lined with beer coasters arranged into a geometric composition,
- leather back rests in the shape of beer bottles,
- central lighting inspired by beer crates,
- wall graphics in five different variations - styled motifs of a beer cap, crate, bottle, glass or brewing system piping - bring another funny and powerful element into the interior with playful compositions,
- a floor-tile mosaic in the shape of beer crates made of three colour tones of ceramics that connects to the wall graphics,
- the BUDWEISER sign motif, consisting of individual letters milled out from massive oak, which is often used in the interior for small details of the furniture or lighting fixtures.

The colour design of the interior is based on the natural colours of the natural materials. The other colours are subsequently made in a monochrome palette so that the interior is matched in one colour tone. The individually standing furniture is finished in natural light oak. The oak wall cladding is tinted in grey. The black-coloured locksmith's elements contrast with copper pinkish details. The upholstery elements are made of luggage leather.

The BUDVARKA design concept also includes original menus, beer coasters, porcelain cutlery racks, porcelain beer coaster holders, seasoning and flavour enhancer holders and full exterior restaurant signs.

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