“St. Martin Feast” in the Masné krámy restaurant

Masné krámy

As of tomorrow, the cult Masné krámy restaurant is going to be home to “St. Martin Feast”. Golden roast geese from South Bohemian Byňov near the town of Nové Hrady along with other delicacies are going to waft through the tables. The restaurant’s head chef recommends trying dark lager Budweiser Budvar B:CHERRY or special beer Budweiser Budvar B:CRYO to supplement the feast.

St. Martin Day is inherently linked to the baked-until-golden goose. The head chef of the cult České Budějovice restaurant of Masné krámy Luděk Hauser is primarily preparing Nové Hrady roast goose with stuffed apple, red sour kraut and a variety of dumplings for the 9th “St. Martin Feast”. The geese will be roasted in one piece at the temperature of 150°C for about 3 hours, one serving being ¼ of a goose, therefore about 1,000 g. Other delicacies, such as roast goose liver and foie gras will also be worth savouring. “St. Martin Feast” in the Masné krámy restaurant begins tomorrow and runs until Sunday, November 13th.

“Seasonal dark lager with sour cherry with a more distinct flavour character matches the roast duck very well, thus I recommend trying, along with special beer B:CRYO as the digestive,” says the Masné krámy restaurant’s head chef Luděk Hauser. The geese bred on lakes at Byňov by Nové Hrady rank amongst sought after specialties, as far as their flavour is concerned, coming from the only breeding farm in the Czech Republic with a more than 30-year old tradition. Further information about geese from Nové Hrady can be found here.

St. Martin Feast in the Masné krámy restaurant
10. 11. 2016 – 13. 11. 2016

Cold starters
100g    Roast goose liver, potato pancake /1, 3/                        CZK 79
80g     Foie gras, served with prunes in Grappa and Balsamic vinegar, bread /1, 7/         CZK 79

0.22 l    Cream soup from goose giblets with peas /1, 7, 9/                            CZK 42

Main courses
250g    Roast chicken thigh “a la goose”, served with red sour kraut, potato and bacon dumplings /1, 3, 7/                                                  CZK 109

200g    Turkey steak with juniper berry and rosemary, served with a plum sauce, buttered
            carrots and rösti                                    CZK 189

Head Chef Luděk Hauser recommends
¼  of a golden roast goose, served with stuffed apple, red sour kraut and a variety of
           dumplings /1, 3, 7/                                          CZK 349

110g    Potato pancakes filled with plum jam, sprinkled with nuts and poppy seeds /1, 3, 7/    CZK 69

We recommend trying
0.3l     Budweiser Budvar B:CHERRY /dark lager with sour cherry/                CZK 24
1.5 l    Budweiser Budvar B:Cryo, 1.5 litre bottle /before treating/                  CZK 290
   after the treatment it provides approximately six 0.08 litre glasses of the drink with an ABV of 21%

St Martin wine
0.2 l    Muškát moravský, high-quality varietal white wine                      CZK 39
0.2 l    Blauer Portugieser, high-grade varietal red wine                      CZK 39

The restaurant provides its visitors not only with excellent cuisine, but particularly with perfectly treated drawn beer, particularly Krausened Lager Budweiser Budvar B:SPECIAL. The Masné krámy restaurant is the only restaurant in the world where Krausened Lager is drawn directly from beer tanks. The restaurant is open daily; the opening hours are Mon - Thu 10.30 a.m. - 11 p.m., Fri - Sat 10.30 a.m. - midnight, Sun 10.30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Reservations can be made on 387 201 301 or via E-mail Detailed information about the Masné krámy restaurant including the menu and the price-list can be found at

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