Special beer B:CRYO gained recognition from the director of the Czech Innovation 2014 competition


Budweiser Budvar B:CRYO was launched on the Czech market in November 2014. It is a super special beer produced using a patent-protected procedure of a so-called cryoconcentration technology in the bottle: from a special beer, which in a specifically shaped bottle creates a heterogeneous porous structure of ice and microscopic passageways filled with very strong beer B:CRYO. Using special tapping equipment, B:CRYO is then pushed out of the bottle, and the guests themselves draw the beverage into glasses. The development of the new beer took nearly 2 years. Besides the flavour properties of the beverage, the development team also concentrated on optimal characteristics of the bottle and the technical solution of original tapping equipment.

“B:CRYO established a brand new beer category. Our cryoconcentration technology directly in the bottle is unique worldwide and patent-protected. That was one of the reasons we applied our product to the Czech Innovation competition. We are pleased that B:CRYO captured the panel,” says Budweiser Budvar development team’s manager Petr Košin, Ph.D. Special beer B:CRYO gained recognition from the director of the Czech Innovation for “breakthrough in a traditional industry”. The competition is organized by Czech Innovation, public benefit company, in order to identify promising innovations and acknowledge their authors, as well as encouraging further use of the innovations in practice. The company has helped dozens of projects to move one step forward by making them visible, advising them, supporting them financially or linking with relevant partners. More information can be found here.  

The interest in B:CRYO by restaurant operators was considerable from the very beginning, and within a few weeks B:CRYO began to be drawn in 60 selected restaurants - which was the objective in the first stage when launching the product on the market. Currently, the fans of beer specialities can order B:CRYO in 78 facilities. The number of them will not increase too much this year, so as to maintain the exclusivity of the product, since B: CRYO can be a significant competitive advantage for a restaurant. Therefore the brewery counts with marketing support of these businesses, as well as with a motivation programme for their staff. Exporting B:CRYO outside the Czech Republic is not being considered in the foreseeable future.

What is B:CRYO
Budweiser Budvar B:CRYO is a particularly strong beer “produced” by the consumer directly on the table in the restaurant. The guest always orders a whole 1.5 litre bottle of beer, which will provide him/her with approximately 3 -3.5 decilitre of B:CRYO. After drawing, B:CRYO’s gravity is 40, its bitterness is 60 EBC and alcohol content 21% vol. Supplied in unfrozen form, this special beer is only be available in selected restaurants, which have trained staff and special tapping equipment. B: CRYO is intended for beer connoisseurs - both men and women. Consumed from 0.2 litre goblets, it tastes like beer, but at the same time warms you up like a spirit. It should be savoured slowly, letting all your taste receptors in the mouth suffuse after a full sip. After having a sip, the full and intensively beer flavour of B: CRYO changes from sweetish to intense bitterness, making the urge to keep drinking till the end.  B: CRYO is primarily drunk as a digestive - it goes well with traditional Czech cuisine dishes, such as roasted knee of pork, pork ribs, roast goose or steak tartare. Nevertheless, it can just as well be consumed with regular drawn beer at any time during the evening. Further information on B:CRYO can be found at

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