Ramsons will scent the Masné Krámy restaurant

Masné krámy

The ramsons season has started with the spring arrival. These days, ramsons leaves distinctive with a typical garlic scent can be collected in riverine and deciduous woodlands. The Masné Krámy restaurant’s chef Luděk Hauser has prepared nine interesting recipes with the use of ramsons for the guests. “We constantly try to provide our guests with new and interesting dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients. Ramsons used to be a widely used herb in our country; however they are almost unknown these days. Their flavour is milder that of a regular kitchen garlic. Furthermore, they contain various curative substances,“ says Luděk Hauser.

About ramsons
Ramsons (Allium ursinum) (also known as wood garlic or bear's garlic) are a wood species, which grow in riverine and deciduous woodlands as well as around streams or at the foot of hills, preferring moist, humic and mellow soils. They often occur in groups and create lovely carpets of white flowers. Ramsons are age-old medicinal plants, containing particularly essential oils with sulphur compounds. The effective substances function in many ways; they have germicidal effects and help e.g. during colds and respiratory disorders. They are antifungal, destroying mycosis and fungus. Furthermore, ramsons decreases blood pressure and is effective against arteriosclerosis. It is used to destroy enteric bacteria, against flatulence and urichostrongylus. Mainly young leaves and flower stems are used in the kitchen.        

“Ramsons specialities” in the Masné Krámy restaurant (28.3. – 3.4.)

100g    Bruscheta with cherry tomatoes and ramsons
white bread prepared au gratin with goat cheese CZK 56,-

0.22 l    Ramsons cream soup
with butter croutons CZK 29,-

Main dishes:
360g    Ramsons pesto penne topped with parmesan cheese CZK 62,-
100g    Grilled turkey breasts ramsons pesto penne topped with parmesan cheese    CZK 86,-
120g    Grilled sausage with ramsons, mustard, horse radish, bread 2 pieces CZK 59,-
150g    Hamburger in breadcrumbs with ramsons mashed potatoes CZK 78,-
150g    Pork steak in ramsons batter cream potatoes CZK 84,-

The chef Luděk Hauser recommends:

150g    Chicken breasts with goat cheese served with Italian risotto with ramsons CZK 118,-
150 g    Ragout from Norwegian salmon in Riesling sauce with ramsons, saffron spaghetti CZK 129,-

Further information including the menu and price list can be found at The reservations at the Masné Krámy restaurant can be made on the telephone number 387 201 301 or at

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