Pardál Echt Pale Lager has received a bronze award at the World Beer Cup®2014


Budweiser Budvar Brewery received a bronze medal in category 32: “Bohemian-Style Pilsener” for its 11° Pardál Echt Pale Lager. A total of 53 samples had registered in this category. Pardál Echt was launched on the market in 2009. It is characterised by a full flavour, distinct bitterness and pleasant hop aroma. Hundreds of Czech beer connoisseurs, who participated at its birth, endowed the beer with robust strength and vigour.  

Pardál Echt basic parameters:
Gravity: 11.3 %
Bitterness: higher (33 MJH)
Colour: rich amber (15 EBC)
Tang: medium–4.9 g CO2 / litre - makes the beer very easy to consume
Good-quality ingredients: 3 types of Moravian malt, Saaz area hops (no hop extracts), water from artesian wells
ABV: 4.5%

“Personally, I consider the World Beer Cup the most prestigious beer competition in the world. We are, of course, very pleased that Pardál Echt withstood the incredibly difficult competition,” says Budweiser Budvar’s brewmaster Adam Brož, Ph.D., who personally received the award in Denver.

Beers awarded at the World Beer Cup® 2014 were selected by an international panel of 219 experts from 31 countries. This year’s World Beer Cup® 2014 saw 4,754 beer samples from 1,403 breweries of 58 countries enter.

The World Beer Cup® has been organised every two years by the American Brewers Association since 1996, in order to celebrate the art and science of brewing and recognize the outstanding achievement of brewers. Further information can be found at the website of World Beer Cup®.

The World Beer Cup® is a trademark registered by the Brewers Association.

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