New glassware for the Budweiser Budvar brand was designed by Rony Plesl


The Budweiser Budvar brand has always prided itself on the traditional brewing procedures that basically have not changed since the establishment of the brand. On the other hand, the beer consumption culture as well as the consumers themselves have been changing and developing throughout the times, therefore beer producers must respond to these changes, since the beer glassware is one of the most important image-making elements, working in the long-term and continuously, as opposed to communication campaigns. Regular consumers perceive and judge each beer brand in gastronomic facilities very intensively also in relation to the shape, technical design as well as the print on the glasses.

“The existing glassware originated gradually from the 1990’s and its style was not cohesive, which resulted in an inconsistent perception of the brand itself among consumers. Since the Budweiser Budvar brand has gone through a radical redesign of commercial communication, we see the redesign of the glassware as the next important stage of this process,” says Budweiser Budvar’s business director Robert Chrt.

“The shape of the glasses resembles a curve of the letter ‘B’ in the Budweiser Budvar’s logo, thus providing a substantial distinction from the glasses of other brands in the Czech market. At the same time, this shape of glasses and goblets perfectly fits the palm, making the holding of the glass a pleasure,” Budweiser Budvar’s innovation manager Marek Honetschläger describes the glassware. Branding of the glasses has a united and downstream form. The division for serving different types beer is ensured by the colour “B” labels at the top part of the glassware, which is red (for pale and dark lager as well as for draught beer), green (for alcohol-free beer) or golden and white (for Krausened Lager). This system is transparent, but unobtrusive at the same time, enhancing the rarely cohesive design aspect of the whole range. At the bottom part of the glassware there is a distinct white-opaque “Budweiser Budvar” logo.  

The practicality was not neglected either at all. Glasses, goblets and jugs can be handsomely held owing to the “taken in” shape. In addition to that, the goblet’s base is thicker so that it withstands rougher handling, contrasting at the same time with the fine rounded outlines of the goblet. The slightly closed rim of the glasses can keep the head better, enabling the aroma of the Saaz hops to come to the fore. The thickness of the bottom (the so-called “ice”) helps to keep the right temperature of the served beer on one side and enables to keep good stability of all glasses as well as the resistance of the glassware during washing-up.

The new line of glassware for the Budweiser Budvar brand is possibly the most compact set of beer glassware in the Czech Republic at present, as it consists of goblets, glasses and jugs of different volumes in a completely cohesive design concept.

The design of the new Budweiser Budvar glassware line was authored by the Czech leading designer, sculptor and winner of the Grand Czech Design Prize Rony Plesl. The line is being produced by the renowned beverage glassware supplier SAHM.

Rony Plesl
The results of his work can be found in art collections as well as regular restaurants. It is the mass produced glassware that he considers his favourite field, as huge limitations are the biggest challenge for him to come up with something not trite. Besides his own creations, he is presently designing glassware for renowned international and Czech brands. He has cooperated with the Italian company of Barovier & Toso, French Cartier and the Turkish concern of Pasabahce. Presently he has been working for the beverage glassware experts – the German company of SAHM as well as the Czech companies of Moser and Lasvit. Since 2008, he has been in charge of the Glass Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

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