In the new season, Budweiser Budvar is going to be the “Official Beer of Czech Ice-Hockey” under the slogan of “Victory Will Change you”

Budweiser Budvar

In the minds of Czech fans, the Budweiser Budvar trademark is closely connected with ice-hockey. For the eighth year it is going to be the partner of the Ice-Hockey Major League as well as the Czech National Ice-Hockey Team. Furthermore, the trademark has long been connected with the České Budějovice Ice-Hockey Club, which is located in the Budvar Arena. The cooperation of the most successful Czech sport and one of the most famous Czech trademarks is completely natural and the ice-hockey fans are going to benefit from it as well.

“Traditionally, ice-hockey has been of key importance within our communication. The whole of the forthcoming ice-hockey season, a promotional campaign called ‘Victory Will Change you’ is going to take place, it being the largest ice-hockey campaign of the Budweiser Budvar trademark in history. The campaign’s objective is to evoke the pride in the general public of the Czech ice-hockey successes and at the same time to strengthen the perception of the Budweiser Budvar trademark as the partner of Czech ice-hockey,” says Budweiser Budvar’s ice-hockey projects manager Alena Mazancová.

A special limited series of Budweiser Budvar “Golden Beer” amounting to 30,000 ,8-packs is going to be the face-off of the all-year-round ice-hockey campaign called “Victory Will Change you”. Four ice-hockey world champions (namely captain Tomáš Rolinek, Tomáš Vokoun, Petr Gřegořek and Jiří Novotný) assisted in brewing the Budweiser Budvar “Golden Beer” in June. The beer then went through a stage of main fermentation, subsequently maturing in lager cellars since the beginning of July. It will come out to shop counters in the first October week after 90 days of maturing.

During the season, the campaign is going to supplement communication activities of the Budweiser Budvar trademark in selected commercial centres, restaurants as well as in ice-hockey stadiums. With the purchase of 8 Budweiser Budvar bottles, customers will be able to take part in shooting at an ice-hockey goal directly in the shops, with the chance of winning attractive prizes of ice-hockey themes (e.g. ice-hockey calendar with all great victories of the Czech National Ice-Hockey Team, Major League match tickets, ice-hockey multi-pack “Golden Beer” and a puck with the logo of the nearest Major League club). Moreover, competitions with the chance of winning thousands of ice-hockey prizes are going to take place on Facebook and in restaurants. Throughout October, the whole campaign will, in addition, be supported by a TV spot on nationwide channels along with sponsor TV messages.

Since Budweiser Budvar has had ice-hockey fans in Major League stadiums in mind as well, the new season will see serving beer during the matches, therefore look out for hostesses in Budweiser Budvar colours.

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