Hockey World Champions brewed Golden Beer at Budějovický Budvar

Budweiser Budvar

On the premises of the national enterprise, the foursome of hockey champions used their own hands to contribute to more than just fans being able to enjoy Golden Beer in autumn, which is prepared from the finest ingredients – Saaz hops, Moravian malt, special yeast cultures and water from the enterprises very own 300 metre deep artesian wells.

First of all, the hockey players received a gift from the Director General of Budějovický Budvar n.p. Jiří Bočka, then they measured the precise dose of hops for the special golden brew according to the instructions of brewer Adam Brož. So they swung axes around instead of hockey sticks. “It was not a completely unknown activity to me. My grandfather was the head of the filling room, so our family had close relations to beer. Thus I did not go into the unknown. I knew it was not going to be easy,” said goalie Tomáš Vokoun, who then had to weigh bags of hops and drag them to the trolley with his colleagues.

Then in the brewing room, the guys had to put the prepared hops into tanks and commence brewing the special edition beer, Golden Beer. “The brew is specially marked and registered. Thus Golden Beer will not be mistakable,” said Adam Brož.

Native South Bohemian Jiří Novotný, stirred the greatest commotion. “I learnt how to cook and gained work experience in the brewery years ago. I recognised some of the employees along the tour. As a South Bohemian, I like Budvar, and it is great to be able to visit the brewery and have the chance to make our own brew with co-players,” relished Novotný in the interview with journalists.

Interesting facts on Budějovický Budvar
1.28 million  -  Number of hectolitres of beer brewed in 2009
672 399 - Number of hectolitres of pale lager beer brewed in 2009
628 - Number of employees at Budvar, enough to form 20 hockey teams
263 000 - Total volume of lager tanks in the Budvar cellar (in hectolitres).

Traditional methods are implemented in brewing original Budweiser Budvar lager and emphasis is placed on knowledge and know-how, which previous generations of brewers have handed down. Even for the aforementioned reason, a ninety-day ripening period in lager cellars at a low temperature (2 °C) has been preserved, whereby the clear, rounded and full taste is achieved. Even though the most modern technology is applied in production, traditional brewing procedures and original qualities of beer have remained preserved.

Since 2003, Budějovický Budvar has been the official partner of Czech Extraleague ice hockey and the official partner of the Czech hockey team. Likewise, Budvar is one of the main partners of the Českobudějovicky hockey club.

udějovický Budvar, n. p. brewery has been one of the most successful food enterprises in the Czech Republic for years. At present, it is the last of the great breweries, which have explicitly Czech capital. In 2009, Budějovický Budvar brewed 1.28 million hectolitres of beer. Almost half of the production is exported to 50 countries around the world.

If you have any questions on Golden Beer, please contact:
Kateřina Vaisová
PLEON Impact
Tel: +42 222 540 147-8

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