Ever energetic Scooter is going to make the town of České Budějovice dance


Coming from Hamburg along with a column of juggernauts, it is going to put on a spectacular show full of lights, pyrotechnic effects and mainly hits, to which Europe has been dancing with unceasing energy since the 1990s. Uncompromising beats directly targeting the emotions of enthusiastic audiences, half-recited half-screamed original performance of the front man H.P. Baxxter whose charisma and sex appeal time has not been affected by time and the hits like Hyper Hyper, Fire, How Much Is the Fish ?, Ramp! (The Logical Song), Nessaja, Maria (I Like It Loud) or Move Your Ass! are all going to get the South Bohemian capital moving for the first time.

This year, Scooter pulled an ace out of its sleeve, as an album released by the band in early February is actually called the ACE, having become the third best-selling German album immediately after its release. A grandly planned tour, entitled “Can’t Stop the Hardcore Tour 2016” is going to guide the band through stadiums and halls of the largest German cities as well as London, Glasgow and Moscow. On 11th June, one of the currently most spectacular shows is going to pay a visit to České Budějovice, making the town at the confluence of the Vltava and Malše rivers experience perhaps the biggest spectacle in its history.

“In the autumn we played back in Prague after a long time, stopping over with our show in Brno as well. We won’t hear a word against Czech audiences,” says the front man H.P. Baxxter, adding with a smile: “It's great, as we can meet new fans in the south of Bohemia and play in a town that gave birth to one of the best beers in the world!”

23 hits in the TOP 10, 30 million records sold and 90 gold and platinum records for sales; thousands of concerts worldwide, tens of thousands of fans, relentless energy and a sophisticated show using the latest equipment; and finally humour, grace and ability of self-irony - that’s how Scooter is known around the whole world. In June, České Budějovice will get to know the band, too.

The concert of Scooter takes place in the České Budějovice Exhibition Grounds on Saturday, 11th June 11, 2016 from 7 p.m., with Somersby and Budweiser Budvar brands being the partners of the concert. The advance ticket sale is underway in the Ticketpro network at the link HERE. More information can be found on the event’s website and Facebook.

Basic information about Scooter
Scooter was established on the foundations of a new wave and synthpop band “Celebrate the Nun”, where H.P. Baxxter (born Hans Peter Geerdes) and Rick J. Jordan got together in 1986. In 1989, they met the manager Jens Thel in Hamburg, at first forming the remix group Loop and then in 1993 forming Scooter. The well-produced and perfectly elaborated project mixes the elements of happy hardcore and hard trance, building on an elaborate stage show with a variety of light and pyrotechnic effects, and of course on the charisma and exhibition of the front H. P. Baxxter. Using a mutated frequency-distorted voice was typical for Scooter’s older recordings.  

The track Hyper Hyper was the first big hit, followed by Move Your Ass !, Friends or Endless Summer. Perhaps the band’s biggest hit How Much Is the Fish? originated in 1998, reaching  the third position in Germany and sales of 250,000 records. In the 21st century, the songs like Nessaja, Ramp! (The Logical Song), Maria (I Like It Loud) or The Question Is What Is the Question? have scored.

In 2006, the often alternating post of the second keyboardist in the band got stabilized with the arrival of Michael Simon.
Alongside Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Modern Talking, Rammstein, Scorpions and Boney M, the group Scooter is considered the most successful German band with 23 hits in the top ten, which hasn’t been achieved since 1956 when the German pop music charts first appeared. Tens of thousands of fans, who enthusiastically dance at numerous concerts across (not only) Europe, regularly confirm this position of Scooter.

Current video clips:

the band’s official website:

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