Budweiser Budvar is successfully conquering the Cuban market

Budweiser Budvar

České Budějovice, 20th November 2018 – The historically first Budweiser Budvar beer export to the Republic of Cuba took place in 2016. It was virtually a trial supply of beer samples in the volume of several dozens of hectolitres. Due to great interest among consumers, the volume of sales significantly increased last year and a relatively large distribution network was developed. Budweiser Budvar brand lager was introduced at Fihav trade fair and Pab Expo in Havana followed by a trade fair in the famous resort of Varadero - these being instrumental in Budweiser Budvar's substantial expansion this year.

“Export to Cuba has increased fifteen times YOY this year. As far as the volume of exported beer is concerned, it can thus be compared to some of our traditional export territories within Europe, such as Ireland, which constitutes a great success for the Budweiser Budvar brand with respect to the region's specificities and its geographical location,” says Budweiser Budvar’s Export Department manager Renata Pánková.

The Cuban economy is very specific and relatively inaccessible, therefore it is very difficult for foreign firms to penetrate the Cuban market. However, despite considerable administrative difficulties Cuba represents a very interesting business opportunity, gradually becoming an attractive territory for most multinational brewing groups. “We have sold an interesting volume of beer on the Cuban market in cooperation with our business partner. We believe that the Budweiser Budvar brand's prestige and popularity will successfully grow in the future with the help of the developed distribution network. Czech beer generally has an excellent reputation in Cuba. For instance, even the most popular local brands Bucanero and Crystal are brewed using Czech hops and malt,” adds Budweiser Budvar’s area sales manager for Cuba Barbora Dolanská.  

Budweiser Budvar is currently exporting Budweiser Budvar pale lager in 0.33 l bottles and cans to Cuba.

Business activities of Budweiser Budvar in Latin America

According to forecasts, beer consumption across the region is likely to increase over the next few years. The potential of this market with 600 million people is therefore huge. Budweiser Budvar started exporting to Latin America in 2007, the first country in the region being Brazil. These days it is ecported to 13 countries. This year, the first supply of Budvar beer to Ecuador took place, and furthermore, export to the exotic Bermuda is shortly beginning. Budweiser Budvar exports its beer under the Czechvar brand name to all these countries - except for Cuba. Therefore, intensive promotion is important, including the participation in fairs and exhibitions. For example, Czechvar was presented at the Alimentec trade fair in Colombia, Octoberfest in Chile, and sponsored the exhibition “Vera 68” in Mexico City dedicated to Věra Čáslavská in cooperation with the Czech Embassy.


Budweiser Budvar is successfully conquering the Cuban market

Budweiser Budvar is successfully conquering the Cuban market

Budweiser Budvar is successfully conquering the Cuban market

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