Budweiser Budvar invites you to the Budvar Fest rock festival

Budweiser Budvar

The Budvar fest rock festival is going to provide the visitors and citizens of České Budějovice a varied choice of hard rock music. On 18th June, the fifth year of the festival takes place traditionally at the parking lot of the Sokol sports club in České Budějovice.

„Budvar Fest is entering its fifth year, becoming a traditional event the fans are used to and looking forward to. People are very happy with the chance to make their weekend programme wonderfully different directly in the town centre. For us, Budvar Fest represents a rehearsal for the traditional ‘Budvar Day’, which takes place on 10th September this year, providing its visitors with an even richer programme on two musical stages,” says Budweiser Budvar’s promotional events organiser Petr Klein.  

The fifth year of the Budvar fest rock festival, five bands from the Czech Republic are going to successively perform, with the main star being the German horror punk group The CRIMSON GHOSTS. In addition to that, refreshments, prize competitions and motor boating the Malše river are also going to take place. A beer tent with the capacity of 500 places for sitting is going to be prepared in case of unfavourable weather conditions.  The event is free of charge.  

Budvar Fest Programme:


14:30 - 15:30 OSA KILLERS


17:30 - 18:30 INSANIA

19:00 - 20:00 SATISFUCKTION

20:30 - 22:00 THE CRIMSON GHOSTS (Germany)

Information about bands

QUEENS OF EVERYTHING (Horn driven Rock'n'Roll)

Queens Of Everything rose from the ashes of the now disbanded groups Flaming Cocks, 2v1, Bad Tones and Unity. Thus they are no newcomers, but seasoned musicians of very varied musical orientation. It is the unique mix of genres that makes Queens Of Everything an extraordinary band not only in the Czech Republic. Energetic punk-rock with an unmistakable sound of rock'n'roll contrabass spiced up with brass section – that’s Queens Of Everything! Following a long break this band is returning to the stage with a real kick-start.

FAST FOOD ORCHESTRA (Ska/Rocksteady/Reggae)

Fast Food Orchestra ranks amongst the most distinct and long-lasting bands of its genre on the domestic music scene. Since its origination in 1994, Fast Food Orchestra recorded several albums and put on countless concerts all around the Czech Republic, with the biggest success concededly being their 14-day tour of Brazil, their joint European tour alongside the famous The Toasters as well as being the forerunner of the legendary Jamaican band The Skatalites.

INSANIA (Astral Hardcore)

A living legend! The unbelievably unique band has been active on the Czech alternative scene since 1987, except for a period of being banned in its early life. These more than twenty years have seen 13 musical media released, numerous concerts performed, a successful North American tour and several very prestigious musical awards. Insania has performed alongside world’s luminaries such as Voivod, No Means No or Killing Joke and cooperated with Jello Biaffra – the frontman of the legendary Dead Kennedys and a head of one of the most important independent record label Alternative Tentacles. Without doubt, Insania belongs to gems of the Czech alternative musical scene.


Need Satisfucktion be introduced? This South Bohemian star has been shining on the musical sky for many years. Since 1991, they have been cruising the stages of Czech clubs and festivals, have experienced several successful international tours as well as supporting Kiss, Faith No More and Waltari. They have also cooperated with many noteworthy musicians and personalities of world fame and have been awarded several prestigious musical prizes. In 2011, their current CD called Penumbra came out, presently enjoying a very positive reception from the fans on one side and from musical critics on the other.

The CRIMSON GHOSTS (Horror Punk/Metal)

The Crimson Ghosts with their horror show will perform as the main star of the festival and at the same time as the only international band. This band is often quite rightly labelled as the pioneer of Horror Punk – a genre where melodic punkrock tones are mixed with rough metal guitar riffs. Horror Punk is not only a matter of music, but also a visual matter – horror masks and costumes. In that aspect, The Crimson Ghosts rank amongst the world’s top. Their horror image reaches perfection down to the last detail. As far as music is concerned, The Crimson Ghosts represent a living legacy of the legendary The Misfits, often being labelled as their lawful successor. They stand for an extraordinary experience that is not seen in České Budějovice so often on a regular basis.

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