Budweiser Budvar has invested into a new system of beer’s primary transportation within the Czech Republic


Budweiser Budvar, N.C. has carried out an important investment into the system of backbone truck transportation of bottled and keg beer within the primary distribution by putting into operation three new Scania towing vehicles worth €190,500 (about CZK 4.8 million). The new towing vehicles are more technically faultless and mainly are more economical, as the average diesel fuel consumption ranges from 30 to 32.5 litres per 100 km in full capacity as opposed to the original ones, where the consumption reached 2-3 litres more. Additionally, the engines meet the EURO 5 emission standard, which is going to bring further savings on tolls since the toll will not be increased next year for towing vehicles meeting this standard. The towing vehicles are equipped with the most modern digital recording speedometers, amongst others enabling the exact observation of compulsory resting time and driving time of the drivers.

“The new towing vehicles have substituted worn vehicles that were in non-stop operation from 2007, having driven 780,000 km on average during that time. Their operating and maintenance costs began to be inadequately high and their reliability, for the most part, started to decrease,” says Budweiser Budvar’s transportation department manager Vlastimil Němeček. “We have been investing into own primary distribution since it is economical and at the same time a source of valuable know-how. The primary distribution in Budvar is carried out from 50% by the brewery’s own transportation and the rest via a selected external transport company. We have practised this system of primary distribution for many years as the economical and the most operationally favourable,” adds Budweiser Budvar’s logistics and purchase department manager Pavel Pánek.

The brewery now owns a fleet of 18 special semitrailers for beer transportation (so called “Budvar Expresses”), which are hitched up by four semitrailers. The vehicles combinations of a total weight of 42 tons drive to eight Budweiser Budvar’s commercial centres all around the Czech Republic on regular routes in two-shift or three-shift operations. The semitrailers are modified in such a way so that their back axles cannot be overloaded. If fully loaded, one semitrailer can take 33 pallets, which is1,320 regular crates with twenty 0.5 litre bottles each. About 2,000 trips of the fully loaded Budvar Expresses take place a year, which represents 2,640,000 beer crates. That is about half of the beer volume, which the brewery sells within the Czech Republic.

Budweiser Budvar’s overall volume of investment in 2010 will range from CZK 190 – 200 million depending on exchange rates. The higher part of this year’s investment has gone to production technologies, particularly to the increase of filling lines, as well as to the logistics and sales support.

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