Budweiser Budvar beer was awarded three medals in Brussels

Budweiser Budvar

Budweiser Budvar beer is bringing three important awards for its quality from the international competition “Monde Selection”. Budweiser Budvar pale and dark lager both received gold medals, while Budweiser Budvar Non-Alcoholic Beer was awarded a silver medal.  

“Having been awarded medals represents great news for us and for our customers in particular. Our beer did very well in difficult quality tests. We are also pleased to be repeatedly awarded in Monde Selection, since the medals represents our beer’s continuous excellent quality in the long term – a good guarantee for our customers,” stated Budweiser Budvar’s CEO Jiří Boček, who personally accepted the awards in Brussels.

The medal is particularly of great importance for the non-alcoholic beer, which was sent to the international competition for the first time in its history. The reason for its registration in this competition lies in the increased interest in this product both home and abroad. During the last five years, the sales of Budweiser Budvar Non-Alcoholic Beer more than doubled. While last year, the non-alcoholic beer was exported to only three countries, this year saw its supplies go to 11 countries, e.g. Australia, Spain and Turkey. The silver medal is going to help this non-alcoholic beer in further expansion, especially abroad.

Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager has been awarded as many as eight gold medals and one silver medal in Monde Selection since 1987. Other Budweiser Budvar’s products have also been successful in the competition. Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager participated in the competition for the third time and so far has been awarded two gold medals and one silver medal. Furthermore, the beer specialty Bud Premier Select has also been awarded two gold medals and one silver medal while pale lager of Pardál Echt brand has received a gold medal.

The Monde Selection ranks amongst the largest as well as the most prestigious events of its kind worldwide. This year’s 50th jubilee quality testing had 2,837 products from 77 countries of all continents registered. 263 samples from 97 breweries in 59 countries were tested in the beer category.  

The Monde Selection competition has been organised by the Belgian International Institute for Quality Selections ( The Institute is an independent organisation, focusing on objective and professional evaluation of product’s quality. The awarded medals serve as a guarantee of the overall quality of tested products for consumers. The beer evaluation consists of a professional assessment of its sensory qualities (20 organoleptic parameters assessed), laboratory analyses, microbiological tests and the quality of packaging. The tasting was carried out by a board of the best Belgian experts from the brewing industry, university professors and professional tasters. Many of the board members work for the Belgian Meurice Institute (, which is considered a worldwide renowned expert organization in the field of brewing and fermentation technology.

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