Budweiser Budvar beer is going to represent the Czech Republic in the World EXPO 2010 Shanghai China

Budweiser Budvar

The Czech restaurant at the World EXPO 2010 Shanghai China is ready for its visitors with a drawing tap, where Budweiser Budvar’s pale and dark lager will exclusively be drawn, as the Budweiser Budvar Brewery is the “Official Partner of the Czech Participants at the EXPO 2010” and its beer solely using the name of the “Official Beer of the Czech Exposition will be served to guests along with the best delicacies of traditional Czech cuisine. The restaurant is naturally equipped with glasses, table cloths and other accessories bearing the Budweiser Budvar logo, with the staff being dressed jointly in Budvar colours as well. Half a litre of the drawn lager at the EXPO 2010 will cost RMB 45 (app. CZK 126). Furthermore, guests will be able to buy the beer in bottles.

“We are very proud that our beer will be one of the Czech Republic’s representatives at the largest world exhibition in history. We believe that the restaurant will be full during the whole exposition and that our beer will be favoured by the guests,” says Budweiser Budvar’s business manager for China Tomáš Bártů. The pavilion already noted great success last week during a trial run. There was enormous interest in the Czech exposition and long queues occurred around the pavilion. Sunday 25th April saw the end of the queue around the pavilion reach the entrance and the restaurant was full the whole day. By the evening, all meals were completely sold out. In view of expected large interest in keg beer, Budweiser Budvar despatched another consignment of 440 kegs with its pale and dark lager to Shanghai last week. “We see the participation at the EXPO as our great business opportunity as well as a very effective promotion. We expect our beer to be tasted not only by China’s inhabitants, but also many other Asian countries,” adds Tomáš Bártů. Presently, Budweiser Budvar exports to eight Asian countries, such as South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Budweiser Budvar has been exporting to China since 2008, so far supplying its Premium Lager only in bottles. The sales in China are taking place under the trademark of “Budějovický Budvar“, which is supplemented by its Chinese equivalent (read ‘Bai De Fu’), which means ‘To be very lucky’ or ‘Everybody is very lucky’.

Budweiser Budvar will take advantage of the EXPO 2010 also in order to do direct trade negotiations. At the beginning of June, a week-long business presentation will proceed in the Czech pavilion, with Budweiser Budvar’s TOP management present. Furthermore, a special gift pack of beer plus a glass has been prepared to support the trade negotiations at the EXPO 2010.

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