Budweiser Budvar beer is brewed only in České Budějovice and is never licensed.
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Budweiser Budvar Legend



Maturation Time

It takes a while to brew a good beer, and even longer to brew a great one. Budweiser Budvar lager acquires its mellow flavour and mild to moderate bitterness during the 90 days it spends maturing in our cool lager cellars.


Only the Best Ingredients

The exceptional character and consistent quality of Budweiser Budvar results from the emphasis we place on using only the best ingredients.



Protected Geographical Indication

Budweiser Budvar is never brewed on licence, but only in its place of origin. Consumers can be sure that every drop of their favourite beer was brewed in only one place in the world – České Budějovice.


Genuinely Czech Beer

The beer produced in the Budvar Brewery in České Budějovice can justifiably boast the title ‘Genuine Czech Beer’, which is, has always been and will always be our nation’s gold.

Budweiser Budvar, N.C.

Budweiser Budvar Brewery has been one of the most successful food processing enterprises in the Czech Republic in the long term. Founded in 1895 under the name of the “Czech Joint-Stock Brewery”, it brewed its first batch on 7th October 1895.



Pardál Echt Pale Lager won a gold medal in the Monde Selection contest

23. 6. 2016

Pardál Echt Pale Lager won a gold medal in the 55th Monde Selection contest. Monde Selection ranks among the largest and most prestigious international competitions for quality assessment. This year a total of 2,938 products from 82 countries of all continents were registered in seven categories. 294 beer samples from 90 breweries in 58 countries were evaluated in the beer category.


Dark lager from Budweiser Budvar won a silver medal in the USA

9. 6. 2016

Dark lager from Budweiser Budvar won a silver medal in the “New York International Beer Competition” in the “European Style Dark” category. The panel evaluated 400 samples of beer and cider from 12 countries.


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Visit us as this is the home of Budweiser Budvar. Visit the brewery of Budweiser Budvar and see how our long tradition is effortlessly combined with modern technology and how Budweiser Budvar beer is born.

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In Budweiser Budvar, approximately 650 employees presently work taking care of the development of the company not only in the area of production, but also trade, marketing, finance and other areas. Budweiser Budvar is a responsible and socially sensitive employer which offer stability and certainty of work in a prestigious company with the possibility of further career growth and education.

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