The original Budvarka Beerhouse

In 2003 Budweiser Budvar began to create a net of its brand beerhouses in the framework of the concept “ORIGINAL BUDVARKA BEERHOUSE” dedicated to those customers who appreciate traditional and modern beerhouses at the same time, with pleasant atmosphere, where there is to be enjoyed quality and appropriately treated beer together with excellent Czech and international cuisines. Partly, the backbone of the concept is uniform menu, which comprises of meals that are perfect companions of Budweiser Budvar beer.

České Budějovice

The Original Budvarka Beerhouse in the Malý pivovar Hotel was to become the first Original Budvarka Beerhouse in the year 2003. The beerhouse underwent a change of its interior; besides, the area of the roofed garden was extended. The new beerhouse interior serves as a model for other Budvarka beerhouses.

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    Karla IV. 8-10, 370 01, České Budějovice

    +420 386 360 471

    +420 386 360 474 (fax)


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    The traditional yet modern design invokes a pleasant atmosphere attracting customers who like spending time with their friends over quality beer. The menu offers classic Budweiser Budvar Czech Premium Lager, pale draught beer, or the beer specialty Bud Premium Select, and Krausened lager, which needs a lot of special care, and is therefore included on offer at selected restaurants only.

    Beer: Czech Premium Lager, Krausened lager, pale draught beer, dark lager, Bud Premier Select, alcohol-free beer

    Specialties: czech and international cuisines, beer specialties

    Equipment: garden

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