Brewery Tours

Come and see an age-old tradition combined with modern technologies, giving rise to that delicious flavour of the world-known and unique Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager. Surrounded by the aroma of Moravian barley and Saaz hops, you will uncover the brewing secrets of the famous Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager. Watching the top-quality home ingredients being used along with the brewery’s own water from more than 300-metre deep artesian wells and first-rate brewing yeast, you will witness the birth of beer characterised by a delicious flavour, pleasant hop aroma and mild bitterness, whose quality is appreciated by customers almost around the whole world. In the end, you can savour the correctly brewed beer drawn from beer tanks exclusively for you in spacious cool lager cellars, where Budweiser Budvar beer spends its maturing period before heading off to its consumers.

  • Each tour lasts approximately 60 minutes and cannot be attended without a guide.
  • Tours for groups of more than 5 persons require a prior reservation. The maximum capacity of a group is 50 people.
  • Regular tours without a prior reservation in Czech, English and German take place daily at 2 p.m. in July and at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in August
  • The tour is also available in Russian, French, Spanish and Italian upon advance request.
  • A 50% discount for children under 18; students must show their ISIC.

Multimedia Exposition

Depicting the brewing history in the town of České Budějovice in a remarkable way, the multimedia exposition called “The Tale of Beer from Budějovice” is a part of the Budweiser Budvar’s Visitor Centre.

The story comes to life on large plasma screens and during a film projection. The tale of Budweiser Budvar beer’s success secrets is told by old technical relics along with latest modern equipment, which also provides an extraordinary journey to the Earth’s heart.

The tour starts with a large-screen projection of the brewing process inside a copper brewing vat, continuing with a virtual trip in a crate of a mining lift to the depth of 300 metres, where the source of unique water used in the brewing of Budweiser Budvar beer is located. The subsequent historical hall carries the visitors back to 1265, when the town of České Budějovice (or Budweis in German language) was founded and when the brewing tradition in this town originated. The next stop is at the Gothic-Renaissance style cabin, where the exposition of medieval brewing can be seen. The effects of technical equipment on the brewing industry’s development are reflected by the industrial age hall, where visitors become acquainted with the founding of the Czech Joint-Stock Brewery – the direct predecessor of today’s Budweiser Budvar. The 20th century hall highlights the key moments in Budweiser Budvar’s history. The exposition is concluded by a demonstration of Budweiser Budvar beer’s successes around the world along with a humorous film about the origin and uniqueness of Budweiser Budvar beer.

  • The exposition lasts approximately 50 minutes, the maximum amount of viewers is 24; the interval between viewing is around 20 minutes.
  • 50% discount for children under 18 and students (upon submitting the ISIC pass)

Come to the home of Budweiser Budvar

One certainly shouldn’t hurry to leave the “town of beer”. Pay a visit to the renowned restaurant, as the old saying still has it – who hasn’t been to the Masné krámy restaurant, hasn’t been to České Budějovice. The renowned restaurant is located in a historical building directly in the town centre. Only here can you savour Budweiser Budvar Krausened Lager drawn directly from a beer tank.

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Original Budvarka Budweiser Budvar
End the brewery tour or the multimedia exposition seating yourself in the stylish Budvarka Beerhouse.

You will find the restaurant on the ground floor of the Budweiser Budvar, N.C. administrative building which is located on the corner of Pražská and K. Světlé streets (100 meters away from the visitors centre).

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