Pardál Echt

Pale Lager

Pardál Echt is a newcomer for all beer consumers who prefer something stronger. It shares a full flavour, distinct bitterness and hop aroma with its older brother Pardál Pale Draught Beer. Hundreds of Czech beer connoisseurs, who were at its birth, endowed this beer with macho strength and vigour, thus giving rise to a perfectly fi ne-tuned 11° beer. Just one taste and you will know what the talk is all about.

content of alcohol: 4,5 % vol.

Pardál Echt

Pale Yeast Lager

Pardál Echt Pale Yeast Lager was fine-tuned by the brewer’s yeast itself, which provided the consumers with a chance to fully savour the beer’s bitterer, fuller and even more refreshing flavour. Fine tuned beer needs special care, therefore it is offered only in selected restaurants.

content of alcohol: 4.5 % vol.


Pale Draught Beer

Pardál is a pale draught beer fine-tuned with the help of hundreds of Czech beer consumers. It was them who specified its final character, thus giving rise to a unique beer characterised by full bitter flavour, deep amber colour and a tall snow-white head. Such is Pardál – the ideal Czech beer. Pardál is intended for beer experts who won’t hear a word against the flavour of present Czech beer, are discerning and will appreciate a beer tuned in all ways as well as enjoying a group of friends in a pub or in the garden, considering the beer another member of the team.

content of alcohol: 3,8 % vol.

PardálOVO Bezové

Mixed Beverage Made From Beer

PardálOVO Bezové (Pardál’s Elder in Czech) originated similarly to Pardál pale lager and Pardál Echt premium pale lager in cooperation with the consumers themselves. Based on questionnaires and personal interviews, a hundred men and women were selected to fine-tune the drink’s flavour, choose the name and cooperate on the label during the events in the brewery and subsequent home testing.

The fine-tuning of the new beverage was participated by groups of friends and families of the consumers, therefore PardálOVO Bezové is the result of the cooperation of more than a thousand users.

content of alcohol: 2,0 % vol.

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