Budweiser Budvar Legend

Uniqueness and Unrepeatability

In our opinion, making good beer takes a while, but making great beer takes even longer. Such a philosophy along with a thorough choice of ingredients and strict adherence to the traditional procedures ensures Budweiser Budvar beer’s uniqueness in the world of the best classic premium lagers.

EU – Protected Geographical Indication

The protection of an indication in accordance with the place of origin applies to inherently extraordinary products and foodstuffs produced in a precisely specified region or place which often gives them their name. We can be rightfully proud that the names of “Budweiser Beer” and “Budějovické pivo” (Beer from Budweis) are protected within the European Union by means of the “Protected Geographical Indication”.

Respect and Care for Beer

Each stage of the brewing process is equally important to us, since we are aware that neglecting even the smallest detail can jeopardise the permanent top quality of this extraordinary beverage, which is supplied to customers around the whole world.


Only the Best Ingredients

The uniqueness and permanent quality of Budweiser Budvar beer results from the emphasis we lay on using the best ingredients.


Water used in brewing our beer is drawn from 300-metre deep artesian wells located in the brewery´s premises. The water obtained from these wells is a remnant of an Ice Age lake - it is about 10,000 years old. The pure crystal clear water provides Budweiser Budvar beer with its irreplaceable flavour.


Malt is the foundation of every beer. Our malt is made from thoroughly selected Moravian barley (Hordeum vulgare), which is often referred to as the „mother of all lager barely“. The malt produced using the best grains provides our beer with its golden colour.


Hops are the spice of beer. Only female cones of the top-quality Saaz hops (Humulus lupulus) of the „Žatecký poloraný červeňák“ variety are used in brewing Budweiser Budvar beer, providing the beer with its typical slightly hoppy flavour.


The exceptionality of the beer results to a large extent from using our own unique thoroughly cultivated yeast culture, which is carefully kept in our yeast bank.


The brewing procedure of our premium lager takes a total of 102 days. It is based on double mashing in the brewing house. The primary fermentation happens during the first 12 days of the production cycle. The secondary fermentation and maturing of the beer takes place in horizontal lagering tanks for secondary fermentation in a very cold environment with controlled temperature, lasting the remaining 90 days. The typically “matured” flavour of Budweiser Budvar beer is a result of the natural process of secondary fermentation, which is not artificially accelerated in any way. And the most important is that every drop of our beer is made in the place of its origin and never under license.

Budweiser Budvar beer is brewed
only in the place of its origin.