Budweiser Budvar, N. C.

Budweiser Budvar Brewery has been one of the most successful food processing enterprises in the Czech Republic in the long term. Founded in 1895 under the name of the “Czech Joint-Stock Brewery”, it brewed its first batch on 7th October 1895. The brewery directly followed the historical tradition of brewing in the town of České Budějovice (Budweis) dating back to the 13th century – therefore to the days of the town’s origination when it was granted the brewing right. By the end of 1896, the brewery’s overall production reached 51,100 hectolitres of beer. Since its founding, the “Czech Joint-Stock Brewery” focused on making top-quality beer, which soon became a sought after export commodity.


Budweiser Budvar
is a successful continuator of the more
than 700-year old brewing tradition.


In 1897, this beer was awarded a gold medal at a trade fair in Stuttgart and by the end of the 19th century the brewery was exporting to Vienna, Trieste, Venice, Alexandria and Japanese Kobe. In 1930 a new trademark “Budvar” was registered for a new type of lager, soon becoming a synonym for top-quality beer.

The Birth of the Budvar Brand

In 1930, the brewery had the Budvar trademark registered for its new type of beer, which along with the trademark soon gained substantial popularity, resulting in the change of the brewery’s name into “Budvar–Czech Joint-Stock Brewery České Budějovice”. The modern history of the brewery dates back to 1967, when the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic set up “Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation” as the direct successor of the original “Czech Joint-Stock Brewery”. Nowadays Budweiser Budvar is a modern and dynamic company which is built on strong foundations, having managed to combat tough competition backed up by gigantic supranational corporations. Budweiser Budvar Czech Imported Lager is exported to almost 80 countries, counting among the most exported Czech beer brands. In 2015, every fifth lager exported from the Czech Republic was produced in Budweiser Budvar Brewery. Excellent economic results allowed the corporation to invest considerable funds into its development. However, all the modernization always took place in compliance with maintaining the highest quality, genuine brewing procedures and particularly traditional taste qualities of the brewed beer. On that account, Budweiser Budvar premium lager matures in lager cellars for 90 days, being produced using solely Moravian barley, Saaz hop cones and local deep subsurface water from artesian wells.

Budweiser Budvar Brand

The name of the brewery and its beer is connected to the place of their origin – the town of České Budějovice. Budweis – the official name of the town was only made into its Czech equivalent of České Budějovice in 1918, still being the official translation of the name to foreign languages these days. From its very beginning, the brewery used different names employing the word Budweiser for its products. During its business activities the corporation started registering all these designations as trademarks.

The Budweiser Budvar family consists of the following beer types: Budweiser Budvar pale and dark lager, Krausened lager, non-alcoholic beer and beer specialty Budweiser Budvar B:Strong.

Budweiser Budvar Brewery’s Trademarks

The beginning of the brewing tradition in Česke Budějovice dates back to 1265, when Ottokar II. (Přemysl Otakar II.), the King of Bohemia, granted the town with the brewing right. Throughout the subsequent centuries, beer of top quality was brewed in České Budějovice. In order to differentiate this beer from similar products from other areas, it was designated as “Budweiser Bier” (i.e. beer from České Budějovice - Budweis).

From the very beginning of its production activities the brewery used the term “Budweiser” to designate its products.

In 1895 the rightful predecessor of the present Budweiser Budvar - the Czech Joint-Stock Brewery, maintained the product’s designation in accordance with its place of origin, following in the long tradition of making beer in České Budějovice. From the very beginning of its production activities the brewery used the term “Budweiser” to designate its products. During its business activities the corporation started gradually registering this designation as a part of its trademarks both at home and abroad.

Trademark Disputes

The history of disputes over the Budweiser Budvar Brewery’s trademarks dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The representatives of the American company Anheuser-Busch tried to buy the rights to Budweiser Budvar’s trademarks for many years. They have carried on in the eff orts to obtain the trademarks up to the present time. Nowadays, Budweiser Budvar is defending its historical rights to the trademarks from the court attacks of Anheuser-Busch in more than 40 court cases and further over 70 administrative proceedings at patent offices around the whole world. The vast majority of the court rulings confirm Budweiser Budvar’s rights to its trademarks. Recently, Budweiser Budvar has triumphed in trademark disputes e.g. in Great Britain, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and Italy.

Protected Geographical Indication

The uniqueness of beer from Budweiser Budvar is also confirmed by the fact that the European Union protects the indications of “Budějovické pivo” and “Českobudějovické pivo” (Beer from Budweis) by means of the “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI). The “Protected Geographical Indication” is only granted to products with excellent international reputation and years-long tradition. Budweiser Budvar can use a prestigious logo on its labels that provides customers with a guarantee regarding the quality of ingredients, an original production procedure and a traditional location of origin. Champagne or Port wine are other examples of products similarly protected by the European Union.

Budweiser Budvar is an integral part of world heritage.

Budweiser Budvar – Dynamic Company

The brewery is a dynamic corporation, as proved by many novelties and innovations that Budweiser Budvar regularly launches on the market. For instance, in the previous years Budweiser Budvar Dark Lager was introduced, so were Pardál lager and Pardál Echt premium lager. Budweiser Budvar has also been recently focusing on developing comprehensive tourist services. Budweiser Budvar’s Visitor Centre provides entertainment as well as education during the tours of the brewery’s production facilities or the multimedia exposition covering the history of brewing beer. Every year the brewery is visited by around 50,000 tourists from around the world. The brewery also runs several renowned restaurants, where guests can savour gourmet specialties of Czech and international cuisines along with perfectly treated beer. Probably the best known restaurant in České Budějovice is the Masné krámy restaurant, which was re-opened in 2007 following its reconstruction.