Last year Budweiser Budvar exported the most beer in its history

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7. 6. 2018 | České Budějovice

České Budějovice, 7th June 2018 – Last year, Budweiser Budvar, N.C. exported a record volume of beer, as a total of 990,508 hectolitres of beer were exported to 76 countries, which represents a 1.5% year on year increase. Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager was the key type of last year’s exported beer, with its sales having risen by 2.6%.


“Last year we confirmed the position of the second largest exporter of Czech beer. Our share of total Czech exports was 21.5%,” says Ing. Robert Chrt, Budweiser Budvar’s business manager. Most of the Budvar’s exports went to the EU countries, Germany remaining the largest export market, where the most beer in history was sold. Poland, Austria, Slovakia and the United Kingdom belonged among the top five outlet markets as well. Outside the EU, Russia was the most important trading partner, followed by Serbia and Canada. “We increased the sales volume in 56 countries year-on-year. The most beer in history was exported to Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Canada, Germany, Austria, Russia and 21 other countries,” adds Robert Chrt. Budweiser Budvar has recently begun exporting to seven countries in Africa, South America and Asia. “There are a number of states in these continents where a significant increase in beer consumption is expected,” says Robert Chrt.


The export profitability was negatively affected by the strengthening of the Czech koruna last year, which was reflected in the decrease of expected sales by CZK 49 million. The lack of production capacities constituted another problem, as the brewery could not satisfy its customer orders in full.


At present, investing in the production development and logistics constitutes the biggest priority of the corporation. Several important buildings have already been completed. Since April, an automated logistics centre worth CZK 750 million has been in trial operation, while the construction of a new lager cellar has been in full swing. This year, the construction of a new bottling plant and production capacities for the main fermentation will commence. A new brewing room will constitute the final stage of the development plan. Following the completion of all planned investments worth about CZK 2,000 million, the annual brewery production will increase by a quarter to 2 million hectolitres.



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