Budweiser Budvar has started the installation of new tanks in the lager cellar

14. 5. 2018 | České Budějovice

České Budějovice, 10th May 2018 – This morning, the installation of new technology in the new lager cellar has begun in Budweiser Budvar. A giant crane with a load capacity of 350 tons transported the first two stainless tanks of 2,100 hectolitres from the transport vehicles to the cellar. The tanks are over 14 metres long and their diameter is almost 5 metres. They were manufactured by ZVU Strojírny Hradec Králové. The transportation from the place of production to České Budějovice takes place at night. The transport vehicles with an excessive load are 31 meters long and 5.3 meters high.


“This technically demanding operation constitutes a culmination of a nearly year-long effort by builders who constructed a new refrigerated hall of the lager cellar right in the middle of a complex of other production buildings,” says Budweiser Budvar’s managing director Petr Dvořák.  In order to do so, the builders had to completely tear down the original fermentation room, which had not been used since 1993. The demolition and the construction of the new cellar took place during full operation in the surrounding buildings.


By 24 May, a total of 24 tanks will be installed as well as a further 10 smaller tanks with a capacity of 244 hectolitres. “Our production capacity for beer maturing is going to increase by 20 percent. At the same time, we are acquiring state-of-the-art equipment that will increase the efficiency of production and ensure the highest level of quality,” adds Petr Dvořák. The new cellar will be put into operation in September.


The investment in the building and the new technology in the cellar is worth CZK 250 million. The extension of the lager cellar is part of the development plan of the company, which started in 2016. Several important projects have been already finalised. Since April 2018, a fully automated logistics centre worth CZK 750 million has been in trial operation. In addition, two more large constructions will be initiated this year - namely production capacities for the main beer fermentation and the building for a new bottling room. The construction of a new brewing room will constitute the last stage. Upon completion of all the investments, the brewery will have an annual production of 2 million hectolitres. After the completion of the whole planned investment of about CZK 2,000 million, the brewery’s annual production will increase by a quarter onto 2 million hectolitres.



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