Budweiser Budvar is launching two seasonal beers on the market: CVIKL and LONDON PRIDE

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21. 6. 2017 | České Budějovice

Beer newcomers, seasonal beers, limited editions, and other innovations in the drawn beer area constitute an important part of a long-term program the brewery follows in order to help restaurant keepers maintain their regular customers and, of course, attract new guests. Budweiser Budvar has been offering limited editions and seasonal beers since 2012, the first of them being special beer made from fresh hops. This week’s offer of drawn beer will be variegated by two seasonal specialties in hundreds of Budvar pubs and restaurants, having been selected by Budvar’s sommelier Aleš Dvořák for this year’s beer season.

“Beer with lower alcohol content is generally more suitable for hot days, therefore we prepared unfiltered yeast beer Budweiser Budvar CVIKL for this year, which has the same fresh beer flavour as in the cellar of the brewery due to live yeast added to matured beer just before bottling. CVIKL also has high tang and thus excellent refreshing effects,” says Budvar’s sommelier Aleš Dvořák. “Nonetheless, beer with fresh hop flavour and aroma also go well with summer. Ergo, as a second newcomer, we're going to offer premium English ALE of the London Pride brand, which we brought directly from London,” adds Aleš Dvořák.

These two beer specialties can only be savoured in restaurants where some Budweiser Budvar beer is standardly drawn. Each of the novelties is intended for a different type of facility; while CVIKL is mainly going to appear in pubs and restaurants whose business is primarily focused on higher beer consumption, LONDON PRIDE, on the other hand, is mainly intended for restaurants based on quality gastronomy, where beer is primarily a beverage to go with food.

Budweiser Budvar CVIKL
Unfiltered yeast pale draft beer, as it is not filtered, has a slightly higher bitterness compared to Budweiser Budvar draft beer. Owing to fresh activated yeast, which is added just before bottling, it retains the same full and fresh flavour as in the cellar of the brewery. The yeast also causes light opacity of the beverage. Alcohol content: 4.0% vol. It is supplied to restaurants in 30-litre KEG barrels.

London Pride
ALE-type premium beer produced in London, has made the Fuller's brewery famous all over the world. It has an impressive copper colour, a fresh fruity and spicy aroma and a pleasant malt flavour with a touch of fruit and medium hoppy bitterness. A sip literally melts on his tongue, insistently tempting for another sip. Alcohol content: 4.7% vol. It is supplied to restaurants in 30-litre KEG barrels. The beer is served in original glasses with a volume of  1 British pint (0.567 l).

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