Budweiser Budvar has launched another introduction on the market - “JUST DRAWN LAGER”

22. 3. 2016 | České Budějovice

Právě stočený ležák B:ORIGINAL se prodává v láhvích o objemu 0,5l.Budweiser Budvar has launched an interesting novelty on the market. The brewery now offers a specialty belonging among local and fresh food to consumers. The new product will be marketed under the name of JUST DRAWN LAGER in 0.5-litre bottles. It is non-pasteurized pale lager Budweiser Budvar B:ORIGINAL. The bottles are taken off the production line just past the bottle filler, not undergoing pasteurization and other procedures in the bottling room. After that they are very quickly transported to shops.

“The path of the beer from the bottle being filled in the brewery to the shop - and subsequently to the consumer’s table - is significantly shortened and accelerated. Owing to a separate distribution, the transport times last only a few minutes. The sensory properties of such beer are the same as of the beer consumers can directly sample only in the brewery,” says Budweiser Budvar’s brewing master Adam Brož, Ph.D, MBA. The newcomer will be especially welcomed by customers seeking local fresh food in specialized stores, delicatessens, farm shops and similar. Furthermore, the shops must guarantee to keep the beer in the refrigerator and in the dark.

Právě stočený ležák rozváží po Českých Budějovicích speciální trojkolka.“JUST DRAWN LAGER must be kept in the dark at a temperature not exceeding 10 °C both in the shop and after its purchase. Only a few hours of fluorescent lighting in the shop window or sunlight would violate its unique fresh taste. The exceptional qualities of this beer will be retained for 10 days provided that the required conditions are met,” adds Adam Brož. Because of the swiftness and logistical demands JUST DRAWN LAGER will only be supplied to selected shops in the territory of České Budějovice. “Not everyone is so fortunate to be located in a town where a world famous brewery has brewed its beer for over 120 years. We would like to fully share this privilege with all České Budějovice citizens, offering an exclusive product to them that cannot be purchased outside the town,” concludes Adam Brož.

The distribution will be provided by means of a special vehicle that will drive directly to the door. Its image can be found in the appendix. It can be met throughout the town at least twice a week, as the supply of the shops will take place every Tuesday and Friday. The recommended retail price will be CZK 25 per 0.5-litre bottle.

The current list of sales places can be found at www.budvar.cz/prave-stocene.


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