The Masné krámy restaurant is going to offer duck prepared in nine ways

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16. 3. 2016 | České Budějovice

The head chef of the Masné krámy restaurant in České Budějovice Luděk Hauser is preparing more tempting recipes for the guests. From Thursday 17th March until Sunday 20th March, the customers will be able to choose from nine dishes, with duck playing a major part in them. Ducks exclusively of Czech breeding are going to be supplied by the companies of Nové Hrady Fishery and Vodňany Poultry Ducks.  This thematic gourmet event is taking place for the first time.

“Roast duck has long ranked amongst of the most popular dishes in our restaurant. However, we believe that people will appreciate other - often unusual - methods of preparation as well. And perhaps they can even find an inspiration to enrich their festive lunches within the family circle,” says the Masné krámy restaurant's head chef Luděk Hauser, adding: “I would recommend a seasonal specialty beer Bud B:STRONG brewed on 26th August last year to go well with the savorous duck meat.”  

The Masné krámy restaurant is planning other thematic gastronomic events for this year:

- Trout Season Opening + Ramsons (21st  – 24th  April) – 21st April fish filleting demonstration for the public
- Burgers + Asparagus Feast in Masné krámy (18th  – 22nd May)
- Masné Krámy Fest (24th - 26th June)
- Venison Feast (17th – 23rd October)
- St. Martin’s Feast (10th – 13th November)
- Insight into Our Neighbours’ Cuisines – Austria/Bavaria (22nd - 27th November)

The restaurant offers great Old Czech cuisine to its guests, but mainly perfectly treated drawn beer, particularly Budweiser Budvar Krausened Lager. The Masné krámy is the only restaurant in the world, where Budweiser Budvar Krausened Lager is drawn directly from beer tanks. The restaurant’s capacity is 200 places. Further information on the restaurant can be found at  

Duck specialities in the Masné krámy restaurant
17. 3. – 20. 3. 2016

Ducks exclusively of Czech breeding are supplied by the companies of Nové Hrady Fishery and Vodňany Poultry.  

Appetizers to go with beer
100g    Duck brawn, onion vinaigrette, 1 pc bread  CZK 59
150g     Cold duck dripping with liver spread on bread  CZK 49
100g     Duck pate served with homemade savoury marmalade, baguette slices CZK 69

0.22 l    Tripe soup made from duck necks  CZK 39

Main meals
200g    Old Czech duck stomachs prepared in creamy sauce, special dumpling CZK 99
350g    A slowly roasted duck thigh, served with cooked red cabbage and dumplings made from raw potatoes CZK 159
150g     Sliced duck breasts served on a bed of spring salad with couscous, orange dressing, baguette slices CZK 149

The head chef Luděk Hauser recommends
180g    “Rosa” grilled duck breast with honey, served with almond broccoli, potato puree and Parmesan crisps  CZK 189
200g    Stuffed duck roulade with fresh marjoram, served with cooked red cabbage and potato gratin CZK 189

200g     Yoghurt flummery served with fruit sauce CZK 49

We recommend trying
0.3 l    seasonal specialty BUD B:STRONG CZK 35
a special batch of beer having a gravity of 16 and ABV 7.5, brewed from fresh cones of Saaz poloraný červeňák hops, which matured for 200 days


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