Pardál Echt Pale Lager won a gold medal in the Monde Selection contest

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23. 6. 2016 | České Budějovice

Pardál Echt Pale Lager won a gold medal in the 55th Monde Selection contest. Monde Selection ranks among the largest and most prestigious international competitions for quality assessment. This year a total of 2,938 products from 82 countries of all continents were registered in seven categories. 294 beer samples from 90 breweries in 58 countries were evaluated in the beer category.

“Pardál Echt has won a second gold medal in the Monde Selection contest and that's a great piece of news - primarily for its consumers. The award is of a considerable weight since the samples were evaluated by Belgian experts, many of whom are among the world's most respected experts in the field of brewing,” says Budweiser Budvar’s brewmaster Adam Brož, Ph.D., MBA.


The quality of Pardál Echt Lager maintained over a long time has also been confirmed by three more medals in international competitions: the 2010 gold medal in the Monde Selection, the 2014 bronze medal at the American World Beer Cup and the 2015 bronze medal at the German European Beer Star. The sales of Pardál Echt lager increased by 28% last year.


About Monde Selection

The world quality evaluation is organized by the Belgian International Quality Institute ( The Institute is an independent organization aiming to objectively and professionally assess the quality of products. The awarded medals serve to the consumers as a guarantee of total product quality. As far as beer is concerned, the assessment consists of a professional assessment of sensory properties, laboratory analyses, microbiological tests and the quality of packaging. For example, twenty so-called organoleptic parameters were evaluated. The beer tasting was carried out by a committee composed of the best Belgian professionals - experts from the brewing industry, university professors and professional tasters. A number of the committee members work in the Belgian Institut Meurice, which is a globally recognized professional organization in the field of brewing and fermentation technology.


About Pardál Echt Pale Lager

Pardál Echt was launched on the market in 2009. Hundreds of Czech beer connoisseurs present at its birth endowed the beer with manly strength and vigour. It is characterised by a full flavour, a distinctive bitterness and a pleasant hop aroma.

Basic parameters of Pardál Echt:

  • Gravity: 11.3%
  • Bitterness: higher (33 MJH)
  • Colour: deep amber (15 EBC)
  • Tang: medium - 4.9 g CO2 / litre - ensures high drinkability
  • Quality ingredients: 3 kinds of Moravian malt, hops from the Saaz region (contains no hop extracts), water from artesian wells
  • Alcohol content: 4.5% vol.


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