The Pardál brand has prepared the first Czech online simulator of the brewery - the “Pivovař” (“Beermaker”) game

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5. 2. 2015 | České Budějovice

An online game called the “Pivovař” (“Beermaker”) has become freely available on the Internet. At the same time, this is the first Czech simulator of the brewery. The game can be played directly in the web browser at

The aim of the strategy game "Pivovař" is to balance the two key parameters: the brewery's reputation and its profitability. The brewery’s reputation primarily depends on the quality of the beer produced, which means higher production costs. The brewery, on the other hand, must be economically profitable, which makes the player cut the costs. However, if the player only focuses on generating profits (for example, economises on the ingredients or cuts the production procedure short), he/she will negatively affect the reputation of the brewery.

"The game follows on the current communication of the Pardál brand, at the same time having an important educational function, as the player gets to learn about the brewery’s operation as well as with the entire brewing process in an amusing way. Furthermore, he/she will come to know the basic ingredients and the key stages of the production, having to deal with accidents that can occasionally occur in the brewery,” says Budweiser Budvar’s Internet Communication Manager Jakub Janoušek.   

The "Pivovař" game was created by Massimo Filippi digital agency. "Previously, we developed similar projects on the Flash platform. However, nowadays this platform is virtually dead, barring specific exceptions. It was clear that we had to develop the game in HTML 5 for the widest amount of browsers, which is not always an easy task," says Maxim Krušina, the executive director of Massimo Filippi. These requirements were exactly met by the Phaser framework ( "This platform allows us to worry less about the differences of individual browsers and to concentrate more on the game’s development itself. For the time being, the game is optimized for computers, yet in the future we are planning a version for mobile devices as well," adds Maxim Krušina.

A competition for VIP tours of Budweiser Budvar Brewery, fine-tuned Pardál T-shirts and cartons of Pardál Echt beer are now part of the game.


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