Budweiser Budvar Non-Filtered Lager brewed on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the brewery’s founding received the “Annual Award” from the “Pivo, Bier & Ale” magazine

4. 12. 2015 | České Budějovice

A limited edition of pale non-filtered yeast lager Budweiser Budvar received an important award from the professional monthly of “Pivo, Bier & Ale”, coming first in the “lager brewed on the occasion of the brewery’s founding anniversary” category.

Budvar’s historically tenth brewing master Adam Brož, Ph.D., MBA brewed this beer on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Budweiser Budvar Brewery’s founding. “The anniversary beer was brewed in the same way as in the times of Antonín Holeček. Its flavour is supplemented by yeasts, which remain in the beer after its maturation without filtration. The beer maintains its fresh flavour, has higher fullness and more distinct bitterness,” says Adam Brož. The limited edition of the anniversary lager B:ORIGINAL NON-FILTERED was only on tap in several hundred restaurants around the Czech Republic until the stock lasted. The first time customers could savour the anniversary lager was at the Open Day in Budvar on 12th September 2015.

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