The Budweiser Budvar brand is going to support many summer events this year

25. 6. 2014 | České Budějovice

Where allowed by the circumstances, non-pasteurised beer from a tank will be drawn. Depending on the technical feasibility, the beer range offered will also include Krausened Lager, or even non-filtered yeast beer Budweiser Budvar Cvikl drawn into glassware. Furthermore, offering Somersby apple cider will constitute this year’s important novelty. Selected festivals will also have reusable ecological plastic cups made of special highly resistant but easily recyclable material.

“The presence of our brand at summer events represents a vital part of our communication, since the direct addressing of miscellaneous communities within our target group cannot be replaced in any other way. We want to be present at places people like, thus becoming a part of their world. Our drawn beer then becomes an enjoyable bonus for both sides,” says Budweiser Budvar brand’s manager Aleš Eder.

The main festival season starts this week, when three big festivals take place: Basinfirefest, Open Air Musicfest Přeštěnice and the biggest Slovakian rock festival Topfest. Mighty Sounds and Brutal Assault will be the biggest events during the summer. Moreover, the Budweiser Budvar brand will also be seen e.g. at the Český Krumlov Revolving Theatre or during the Český Krumlov International Musical Festival. This year’s summer season with the Budweiser Budvar brand is going to be under way all around the Czech Republic until 20th September, when it will culminate with the celebration of the 119th anniversary of Budweiser Budvar’s founding called the “Open Day in Budvar”. Overall, the Budweiser Budvar brand is going to be present at more than 20 events throughout the summer.   

The calendar of the most important events supported by the Budweiser Budvar brand in 2014 season:
Český Krumlov Revolving Theatre (12. 6. – 6. 9., Český Krumlov)
Basinfirefest (26. 6. – 29. 6., Spálené Poříčí)
TOPFEST (26. 6. – 28. 6., Piešťany)
Open Air Musicfest Přeštěnice (27. 6. – 28. 6., Přeštěnice)
Mighty Sounds (11. 7. – 13. 7., Tábor)
Český Krumlov International Musical Festival (18. 7. – 16. 8., Český Krumlov)
Brutal Assault (6. 8. – 9. 8., Jaroměř)
Open Day in Budvar (20. 9., České Budějovice)


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