Budweiser Budvar Brewery has entered into a cooperation contract with ČEZ Motor České Budějovice ice-hockey club

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15. 5. 2014 | České Budějovice

Budweiser Budvar Brewery and ČEZ Motor České Budějovice ice-hockey club have entered into a cooperation contract for the next four seasons in Budvar arena today. Budweiser Budvar has been an integral part of České Budějovice for nearly 120 years, having a sense of belonging with life in the town. For that reason the brewery supports the cultural and social life within its compass and contributes to spreading the town’s good name not only at home but also abroad. The brewery has been supporting ice-hockey in České Budějovice ceaselessly since 1993, having invested a total of CZK 100 million into this sport. Budweiser Budvar did not stop its support even in least favourable times for ice-hockey.

"Budweiser Budvar was one of the enterprises that helped us most at the beginning of last year’s season, when the new Motor club was being born. We are ineffably glad to enter into a long-term cooperation, which only confirms the fact that ice-hockey in České Budějovice and Budvar Brewery clearly belong together,” says ČEZ Motor České Budějovice’s managing director Stanislav Bednařík.

“ČEZ Motor České Budějovice club is backed by South Bohemian ice-hockey legends and we firmly believe that is the best guarantee for continuing and developing further the famous ice-hockey tradition in our town. Therefore the contact has been signed for the next four seasons,” says Budweiser Budvar’s managing director Jiří Boček. The contract not only concerns advertising the Budweiser Budvar brand on ice-hockey jerseys and other promotional areas, but also a comprehensive cooperation between the brewery and the club, which includes e.g. mutual involvement in joint projects and events for business partners of both sides. Moreover, the club has guaranteed selling beer from Budweiser Budvar Brewery within all Budvar arena premises. “We support the efforts of the club owners to give our town back top-level ice-hockey and we hope that these efforts will be successful with the help of us and other South Bohemian companies as well as the excellent support of the fans,” concludes Jiří Boček.


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