Budweiser Budvar’s statement on today’s talks concerning ice-hockey

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12. 6. 2013 | České Budějovice

The emotional statements of the club’s representatives in the media were to make an impression that the decision to leave České Budějovice is solely a result of the lack of good will from the owner of the Budvar arena as well as from the long-term important sponsor in the past twenty seasons – Budweiser Budvar.  

This smokescreen was supposed to help to swiftly address the financial situation of the indebted club. According to the publicly available financial statements of HC Mountfield, joint stock company, the club has had the highest cumulative loss out of all ice-hockey major league clubs. The latest publically available financial statements of 30.4.2012 show a total loss of CZK 71.103 million as well as further liabilities amounting to CZK 40.236 million, while the registered capital totalled to CZK 41.2 million and the equity had a negative value of CZK -29.565 million. The club’s economic results for the past season are yet to be made public; nevertheless if the economic management has not fundamentally improved in the last season, the situation of the club is now even more difficult.     

“The key to deal with such a situation cannot be the stadium lease terms, the type of the beer drawn or where the major league will be played. The only solution can be a substantial financial injection. We fully understand that under these circumstances the club has decided to follow a higher offer. However, the fans, municipal authorities and brewery could have been told that in a factual and cultivated way without finger pointing,” says Budweiser Budvar’s CEO Jiří Boček. "We are not at all pleased about the ice-hockey major league leaving České Budějovice, Nonetheless, we do not consider this fact as the end of a famous ice-hockey tradition in our town. We believe that in no time a decent successor to this tradition will appear here and we are ready to deal with this successor regarding our cooperation” adds Jiří Boček.

Budweiser Budvar, N.C. explicitly denies having any share in the move of major league ice-hockey away from České Budějovice. Full responsibility lies entirely with the club, which signed a contract with the BPA agency without considering the commitments arising from other contracts and in addition refusing to deal with this situation constructively for some months.   

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