Budweiser Budvar’s supervisory board met at an extraordinary meeting today

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27. 8. 2012 | České Budějovice

- the supervisory board discussed and is aware of the results of the Public Administration Inspection as well as of the inspection group’s report.  

- the supervisory board discussed and is aware the suggestions and measures proposed by the brewery’s management in order to correct the deficiencies, the execution of which is going to be observed with increased attention at the board’s meetings.  

- the supervisory board is proposing changing the Statute of Budweiser Budvar National Corporation to the founder, which should result in the increase of control powers of the supervisory board and is entrusting the supervisory board chairman Jan Procházka to discuss this matter with the Czech Minister of Agriculture Petr Bendl.

The member list of Budweiser Budvar’s supervisory board:
Ing. Jan Procházka – chairman
Mgr. Roman Boček, MBA
JUDr. Milan Cícer
Jan Joza
Ing. Jiří Lexa
prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík, CSc.
Radek Petruška
Ing. Miroslav Toman
Ing. Milena Vacková

Media contact

Ing. Petr Samec Dr.


+420 387 705 284

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