Budweiser Budvar has established a subsidiary in Slovakia

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23. 1. 2012 | České Budějovice

On January 1st 2012, Budweiser Budvar’s third subsidiary abroad called Budweiser Budvar SK, Ltd. began its business activities. The new subsidiary is located in Senec and will be the sole importer of beer from Budweiser Budvar Brewery’s production to Slovakia.  

“We really appreciate Slovakian customers and would like to provide them with mainly a higher level of services along with a wider beer range as well in the near future. We believe that the brewery’s direct contacts with customers and consumers will result in the new quality of our relationship, being beneficial to both sides. The brewery’s response to the customer and consumer demands as well as to the current development on the Slovakian market will thus become faster and more effective,” says Budweiser Budvar SK, Ltd.’s executive Jana Lehocká. The subsidiary has 13 employees and further job positions were created in outsourcing services (logistics, transport etc.).

In 2011, Slovakia became Budweiser Budvar’s second most important export territory, with 83,229 hectolitres of this yeasty beverage of the Budvar brand heading to Slovakian favourers, which is more by 10% compared to 2010. The Slovak Republic shared last year’s overall export of the brewery by 13%. The only bigger volume of beer went to Germany.  

About Budweiser Budvar
Budweiser Budvar Brewery, N.C. was founded in 1895 under the name of “Czech Joint-Stock Brewery”, following up the brewing traditions of “Beer from Budějovice” (Budweiser Bier), which have their roots in 1265. During the 20th century, Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager became the brewery’s flagship product, which today ranks amongst the best known Czech products in the world. Budweiser Budvar exports to nearly 60 countries, sharing the total beer export from the Czech Republic by more than 20%. Budweiser Budvar, N.C’s 2010 pre-tax profit amounted to CZK 220 million.

Contact in the Slovak Republic
Budweiser Budvar SK, Ltd.
Diaľničná cesta 4416/18
903 01 Senec
Slovak Republic
E-mail: info=roll=budweiserbudvar.sk

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Ing. Petr Samec Dr.


+420 387 705 284

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