A traditional Czech pig-slaughtering in front of the Masné Krámy restaurant starts off the Pork Feast

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19. 1. 2011 |

A traditional Czech pig-slaughtering, which starts the Pork Feast, takes place tomorrow and on Friday 21st January from 2 p.m. in front of the Masné Krámy restaurant. A hand processing of a whole pig into typical pig-slaughtering delicacies will proceed directly on the pavement of Krajinská St. before the eyes of onlookers for the whole afternoon, e.g. a cooked pig’s head and the soup from it, hash-and-crumbs sausages, black pudding, dark headcheese and greaves. “One of the main goals of the event is to bring a typical rural pig-slaughtering closer to the public,” says Budweiser Budvar gastro department’s manager Tomáš Olejník. Therefore also present will be butchers in typical chequered coats and “adder” hats. The right pig-slaughtering atmosphere will be taken care of by the Dudlajda band (accordion, tambourines and bagpipe).

“The meet processing and correct batching of spices will be controlled by the Masné Krámy restaurant’s chef Luděk Hauser with his helpers. Everything will take place directly in the view of spectators, including cooking the pig’s head in a typical “caldron”, chopping up and de-boning of the meet, cutting of the lard onto greaves or hand stuffing of hash-and-crumbs sausages and black pudding,” adds Tomáš Olejník. The freshly made delicacies will be served to guests of the Masné Krámy restaurant in the early evening. The organisers do not plan selling directly in the street.

 The Pork Feast in the Masné Krámy restaurant will continue until the 31st January. Further information including the menu and the pricelist can be found at www.masne-kramy.cz. Reservations can be made on 387 201 301 or via E-mail info=roll=masne-kramy.cz.

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