Budweiser Budvar is launching new smaller kegs

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1. 2. 2011 |

Budweiser Budvar Brewery is extending its range of keg beer by small 20 litre KEG barrels. Such kegs have so far been used in Budweiser Budvar only to supply alcohol-free beer. From 1st February, customers can newly order also pale and dark lager Budweiser Budvar in small kegs. Naturally, the choice to order beer in 30 and 50 litre kegs still remains.

“This step will be particularly welcomed by restaurants owners who have been facing a long-term fall in the drawn beer consumption. The smaller kegs will be of help in selling really fresh beer of the highest quality,“ says Budweiser Budvar’s domestic sales department’s manager Martin Horejš. For many years now, the average drawn amount in restaurants has been decreasing in the Czech Republic. While 22.6 hectolitres of drawn beer were sold a month in a regular Czech restaurant in 2005, it was only 18.8 hectolitres last year, which represents a 17% decrease. Only in 2010, the average drawn volume noted a year-on-year fall by 4% (source: Data Servis – informace s. r. o. (Ostrava)). “We expect the smaller kegs also to appeal to restaurants owners who concentrate on quality gastronomy or cafés, where we so far have been supplying beer only in bottles due to lower consumption.“ adds Martin Horejš.

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