Budweiser Budvar is launching its non-alcoholic beer in cans on the market today

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10. 8. 2011 | České Budějovice

Budweiser Budvar has been producing non-alcoholic beer of the Budweiser Budvar brand since 1992, however it has been so far supplying it on the market only in 0.33 and 0.5 litre bottles as well as in 20 litre KEG barrels. Today, the sale of this beer in a new kind of packaging was launched - 0.5 litre cans. The newcomer will be available in the shops of the majority nationwide commercial chains, independent retails and petrol stations. The recommended price of the can is CZK 15.90.  

“Launching the non-alcoholic beer in cans we are responding to the growing demand of the consumers. During the last five years, the sales of our non-alcoholic beer increased more than double, further rising by 7% last year. We anticipate an extra ascend of the sales with the belief that our new practical packaging will be well received,“ says Budweiser Budvar’s domestic sales department manager Martin Horejš.

Non-alcoholic beer is primarily designed for drivers as well as for those who cannot use alcohol for various reasons. Nonetheless, it is also a suitable beverage for everyone who watches his/her body weight as it has a low content of energy. Budweiser Budvar Non-Alcoholic Beer has a calorific content of only 53 kJ/100 ml, while the calorific content of regular lager ranges around 175 - 180 kJ/100 ml. Furthermore, compared with sweetened soft drinks non-alcoholic beer clearly ends up better. The calorific content of soft drinks ranges as follows: cola-like drinks usually between 104 – 187 kJ/100 ml, fruit flavour lemonades between 126 - 212 kJ/100 ml, flavoured mineral water between 65 – 104 kJ/100 ml, fruit ice tea around 120 kJ/100 ml and juice even as much as 233 kJ/100 ml.

The production of tasteful non-alcoholic beer is relatively difficult and cannot be done without strict adherence to technological discipline and long-term experience. The quality and flavour of Budweiser Budvar Non-Alcoholic Beer is also guaranteed by the fact that Budweiser Budvar’s former long-standing maltster Josef Tolar was a member of the team which in 1975 created the first non-alcoholic beer in the then Czechoslovakia. Budweiser Budvar Non-Alcoholic Beer is brewed using top-quality natural ingredients. Its flavour and aroma is topped up by Žatec hops.

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