Budweiser Budvar launched a novelty at summer festivals – returnable ecological friendly plastic cups

11. 8. 2011 | České Budějovice

“This year we have somewhat changed the presentation of our brand during summer evens. Our key objective is to directly address miscellaneous communities within our target group. We want to be in places favoured by these people, therefore become a part of their world. Our drawn beer then becomes a pleasant bonus for both parties,“ says the Budweiser Budvar brand’s manager Aleš Eder. Naturally, all the summer events with the Budweiser Budvar brand’s participation are supplied with perfectly treated and cooled beer. This year’s big novelty is serving beer in returnable ecological friendly cups made of special highly resistant plastic, which can be easily recycled. Such cups are yet unconventional in Czech circumstances; however, they are common at all large European musical festivals. Returnable cups are also instrumental in making the environment cleaner and more cultivated. 

This year’s summer season with the Budweiser Budvar trademark is going to continue nationwide until 10th September, when it culminates by the Open Day in Budvar celebrating the 116th anniversary of Budweiser Budvar Brewery’s foundation. 

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