Budweiser Budvar is going to be the general sponsor of the South Bohemian theatre once again this year

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12. 4. 2011 |

Once again this year as Budweiser Budvar, N.C. is going to be the general sponsor of the South Bohemian theatre. The brewery is going to contribute towards the running of one of the most important South Bohemian cultural institutions an amount of CZK 750 000. The producer of lager carrying the Budweiser Budvar brand has been co-operating with the South Bohemian theatre continuously for 17 years. Throughput that time, the brewery has provided the theatre with a total of CZK 11.7 million.

“Budweiser Budvar belongs to important South Bohemian companies and considers unquestionable to also support the culture advancement in our home region. The South Bohemian theatre ranks amongst cultural institutions whose importance goes beyond the Region of South Bohemia. Owing to its rotating theatre in Český Krumlov, the South Bohemian theatre has also been a respectable representative of our region in the world, along with the Budweiser Budvar brand.” says Budweiser Budvar, N.C.’s CEO Jiří Boček.

“We tremendously appreciate the long-term cooperation with Budweiser Budvar, now even so more in the light of the fact that the continuity of the support was not interrupted in the times of economic ups and downs. Due to Budweiser Budvar’s general sponsorship, the South Bohemian theatre could carry out many important projects, one of them naturally being the production at the rotating theatre in Český Krumlov, which is a world-known rarity. I personally believe, that the tandem connection between these two important institutions will bring both sides a lot of benefits in the future and will please the fans not only beyond the Region of South Bohemia or even the Czech Republic,” adds the director of the Region of South Bohemia  Jiří Šesták.

 The beer produced by Budweiser Budvar has even appeared as a prop in some plays performed in the South Bohemian theatre, such as in the play of “Odcházení“ (Leaving) by Václav Havel or in the play of “Sajns Fikšn“ by Marian Palla. Naturally, the theatre visitors can savour the extraordinary flavour of Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager in the “Theatre Club” restaurant and the theatre buffet.

 Budweiser Budvar is also going to support other important cultural projects this year, such as International Music Festival in Český Krumlov, International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, Five-Leaf Rose Festival, music festivals “Around Třeboň”, “Mighty Sounds in Tábor” and Open Air Festival Panenský Týnec. Furthermore, two important events organised directly by the brewery are going to take place: rock Budvar Fest and Open Day in Budvar.

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