The “Budvar tent” will be in a continuous 88-hour operation at the Basinfirefest festival

29. 6. 2011 |

From tomorrow’s evening rock, punk and metal fans will have the chance to view a various musical programme on a brand new Budweiser Budvar Stage within the biggest musical festival in West Bohemia, including international bands like Paradise Lost (UK), ILL Niňo (USA), Sodom (GER), Freedom Call (GER) and FireWind (GR) as well as the best from the Czech rock, punk and metal music. At the same time, a unique refreshment opportunity in the “NON STOP Budvar tent” with 1,000 sitting places will be available. The non-stop tent will operate from Thursday 30th June 6 p.m. and the taps will be closed on Monday 4th July at 10 a.m. following 88 hours of non-stop operation.

The visitors can thus savour perfectly treated beer during the whole festival, with the most modern technologies used for its drawing transported to the festival by five trucks. “The supply will include non-pasteurised lager and pale draught Budweiser Budvar beer drawn directly from the tank, along with dark lager, black and tan as well as a stand with non-alcoholic beer in kegs for drivers ‘improved’ by a small delight for the eye and heart of the male part of Czech participants,” says Budweiser Budvar’s promotional events manager Petr Klein.

Serving all the beverage range in returnable eco cups made of special highly resistant and easily recycled plastic is going to be the festival’s innovation, as it is common in all big European musical festivals. Unusual to the local circumstances, the returnable cups will therefore provide the fans of great music and exquisite beer with the chance to enjoy the weekend festival not only in a great mood, but also in a cleaner and cultivated environment.

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