Budweiser Budvar accomplished a significant year-on-year advance in June

8. 7. 2010 |

In June 2010, Budweiser Budvar National Corporation noted a relatively significant increase in beer sales compared to last June. The year-on-year rise reached 11.33%, as the brewery sold 136,718 hectolitres of beer. Budweiser Budvar accomplished such surprisingly good results despite the fact that the brewing industry as a whole has been struck by economic stagnation as well as this year’s first half being a cold period.

Besides macroeconomic effects, the aforementioned weather represents an important variable which stimulates beer sales. The months of April, May and June are of key importance, therefore this year’s extremely low temperatures considerably affected seasonal businesses in particular, as the visitor rate was very poor due to the weather. To illustrate the effects of the weather better, the first and last June’s weeks can be mentioned, since they showed diametrically different temperatures. The difference between the first cold week and last warm week makes 37% in sales of Budweiser Budvar beer as a whole; in the case of pale draught beer these sales differences in the Czech Republic are even more evident, as they amount to 60%.

“Although this year’s weather is a complete opposite of what breweries hope for and the main beer season thus started in June instead of April, we consider Budweiser Budvar’s June sale results a good stimulus and promise for the future,” says the domestic sales department’s manager Martin Horejš.

Budweiser Budvar Brewery’s flagship product is, of course, Budweiser Budvar brand, including its variations of “Budějovický Budvar”, “Bud” and “Czechvar”, which shares the sales out of 85%. Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager itself shows Budweiser Budvar’s more than a half production volume, exactly 55% form the overall production. The lager’s brewing period is 102 days (90 days of maturing, 12 days of fermentation). Budweiser Budvar’s brewing house has its main peak in March and April, working continuously these months.


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