Budweiser Budvar has prepared a “Winning Hat Trick” for restaurants owners on the occasion of this year’s first ice-hockey match playing the world champions

10. 11. 2010 |

It is quite significant for our present ice-hockey world champions to open the new “champion season” in the Budvar Arena in České Budějovice, as the Budweiser Budvar brand has long been connected with the most popular winter collective sport - ice-hockey (since 2003). It is therefore no surprise that Budweiser Budvar is particularly well prepared for this year’s extraordinary season. In June, the “Golden Beer” was brewed with the help of the ice-hockey champions. In October, the most extensive and largest ice-hockey campaign in the trademark’s history so far named “Victory Will Change you” started, which is going to take place until the ice-hockey world championship 2011 in Slovakia. The Budweiser Budvar brand has thus become the “Official Beer of Victory”.

The defending ice-hockey world champions will be supported tomorrow from the hall also by 50 selected restaurant owners, who draw Budweiser Budvar beer. They represent those facilities, where the “pub” part of the “Victory Will Change you” campaign has been running best. “The invited restaurant owners will be provided with a whole-day programme called ‘The Winning Hat Trick’. Besides joint cheering in the hall, they will take part in a tour of the brewery with a personal guidance of the maltster Adam Brož and a lunch in the Masné Krámy restaurant,” says Budweiser Budvar’s ice-hockey projects manager Alena Mazancová.

The “Victory Will Change you” campaign started at the beginning of October by a special limited series of Budweiser Budvar “Golden Beer”, whose brewing in June was assisted by four ice-hockey world champions (namely captain Tomáš Rolinek, Tomáš Vokoun, Petr Gřegořek and Jiří Novotný). Only 30,000 pieces of the “Golden Beer” multipacks were launched on the market. The “Victory Will Change you” campaign is a very complex one, using many communication tools, such as TV spots, miscellaneous Internet applications, promotional events in restaurants and retail shops as well as events directly on ice-hockey

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