Budweiser Budvar’s participation in the World EXPO 2010 was beneficial for the further development of its export in China

16. 12. 2010 |

Due to its participation in the World EXPO 2010, the brewery increased its year-on-year export to China nearly threefold this year, also substantially extending the range of beer supplied to China. The export of keg pale lager as well as bottled and keg dark lager to China was also launched this year. Since the general awareness of the Budweiser Budvar’s trademark has considerably grown not only in China but in other Asian countries, the brewery is expecting a further increase of export to these interesting territories in the following years.

On Thursday 9th December, the final evaluation of the Czech participants in the World EXPO 2010 Shanghai China took place at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Budweiser Budvar was one of the Czech representatives at this event of world importance as the “Official Partner of the Czech Participants at the EXPO 2010” and its beer solely used the name of the “Official Beer of the Czech Exposition”. The pale and dark lager from Budweiser Budvar Brewery was served to guests at the CZECHIA restaurant within the World EXPO 2010. Half a litre of the drawn lager at the EXPO 2010 cost RMB 70 (app. CZK 210). This price corresponds with the price this premium original lager retails in luxurious Shanghai restaurants to international clientele. Despite the high price, the visitors consumed over 223 hectolitres of pale and dark lager during the World EXPO 2010. The lager is sold under the trademark of “Budějovický Budvar“ in China, which is supplemented by its Chinese equivalent (read ‘Bai De Fu’), which means ‘To be very lucky’ or ‘Everybody is very lucky’ in translation.

“We are very satisfied with the results at the EXPO 2010. We estimate that our beer was savored by as many as 40,000 visitors of the Czech pavilion coming from a very solvent target group, which is of key importance to our further development of our sales in China,” says Budweiser Budvar’s event manager Jarmila Bočková, adding: “Large interest in the dark lager was particularly surprising, as it volume came to about 40% of the sales.” In the Czech Republic, dark beer amounts only to about 2% of the total consumption.

“Due to our participation in the World EXPO 2010, we increased our year-on-year export to China nearly threefold this year. The overall volume of exported beer is going to reach about 800 hectolitres this year. We also substantially extended the range of beer supplied to China,“ Budweiser Budvar’s export manager Renata Pánková comments upon the results. The export of keg pale lager as well as bottled and keg dark lager to China was also launched this year. The partaking in the World EXPO 2010 meant Budweiser Budvar’s effective promotion in other Asian countries as well. South-East Asia should become a very perspective territory in the nearest future. Despite its present low purchasing power, a target group for imported, original and therefore expensive beer is originating in this area. By 2014, the beer consumption should grow by 25% there and in China itself by 29%. Presently, Budweiser Budvar exports to nine Asian countries, such as South Korea, Japan and Vietnam along with China. The first beer consignment to India was also despatched this year.

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