Budweiser Budvar supports the International Musical Festival in Český Krumlov

14. 7. 2010 |

Since 2003, Budweiser Budvar National Corporation has supported the Musical Festival in Český Krumlov, so this year’s 19th musical event is no exception to the rule. Budweiser Budvar has not only been supporting the festival in Český Krumlov, but has been also considerably contributing to the cultural happening in the Region of South Bohemia in many further areas. Budweiser Budvar beer’s premium brand can thus effectively address its customers via top cultural projects - in the case of the International Musical Festival in Český Krumlov even more.

“With a bit of a hyperbole, Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager can be considered a Czech classic, as our beer ranks amongst the best representatives of the Czech Republic both home and abroad. And the same goes for Czech musical production and its most significant events. The festival is eventful and its concerts have a unique atmosphere as well as being of top standards,” says the event manager Jarmila Bočková, adding: "It is indeed pleasant to be able to watch the ever-growing standard of the festival year after year, which is also helped by Budweiser Budvar.”

Budweiser Budvar aims its support to more cultural projects in its home region. Besides the International Musical Festival in Český Krumlov, it is also the Theatre of the South Bohemia, “Five-leaf Rose Festival”, “Around Třeboň Festival” or Mighty Sounds Festival. Budweiser Budvar has been predominantly supporting established projects, which have acquitted well through time creating a peculiar tradition, to which Budweiser Budvar belongs.

The 19th International Musical Festival in Český Krumlov will commence on 16th June 2010 with an opera gala concert from the Argentinean tenor José Cura. Until the 21st August, the festival will offer 17 concerts of different genres, with 2 symphonic orchestras, 12 chamber orchestras and choruses and more than twenty performers from the entire world, not to mention the traditional opera production put on the Revolving Theatre in cooperation with the Theatre of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

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