The distribution of Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager in Hungary will be carried out by Carlsberg Hungary

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20. 1. 2010 |

January 2010, Hungary became the eighth country where the distribution and sales of Budweiser Budvar beer is carried out by a company from the Danish group of Carlsberg.

“The change of the importer was realized as a part of our close cooperation with the Carlsberg concern’s department for South-East Europe. The cooperation also takes place in four other countries of this area,” says Budweiser Budvar’s business manager for Hungary Veronika Schwarzová. “Hungary was severely struck by economic recession, therefore our objective for this year is staying with the same volume of keg beer in restaurants like last year and moderately increasing bottled beer sales in commercial chains. More substantial rises in sales in Hungary are anticipated in the following years,” adds Veronika Schwarzová.

Hungary is amongst Budweiser Budvar’s less important export territories. 5,300 hectolitres of Budweiser Budvar Premium Lager were exported there in 2009. Similarly to other export markets, also in Hungary Budweiser Budvar ranks amongst the premium, therefore expensive beer trademarks; a 0.5 litre bottle ranges around HUF 330 (app. CZK 33) on shop counters.

Presently, Carlsberg also looks after Budweiser Budvar’s beer sales in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Serbia and Sweden. Moreover, Budweiser Budvar is the exclusive importer of Carlsberg Lager for the Czech Republic.

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