Budweiser Budvar supports the ecological event of “The Malše River cleaning”

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28. 5. 2010 |

“This passage of the river was chosen from one simple reason - from spring to autumn it is a place regularly used by the town’s residents to go swimming. Not many people would believe how many dangerous objects can be found in the river. The purpose of our project is to not only contribute to the river’s cleaning, but also protect bathers from potential injuries,” stated Karel Exl, the instructor of the Octopus Divers Club in České Budějovice.

“The exploit of the divers is a very useful sample of practical ecology. We hope it will have a particular educational effect on the general public, resulting in the reduction of dumping litter outdoors,” adds Petr Samec, the PR manager of Budweiser Budvar Brewery, which is the event’s partner.

Budweiser Budvar has been further supporting its home region by investing in other projects, cultural ones in particular, such as The Theatre of South Bohemia, The Rose Feast, The Round Třeboň festival of the International Musical Festival in Český Krumlov. The 4th rock festival “Budvar fest” takes place on Saturday 12th June in České Budějovice. Additionally, the traditional Day in Budvar will be yet another important event with a musical programme, taking place on the 11th September this year.

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